Flack: PRCA chief Francis Ingham takes on the CIPR in the #IceBucketChallenge

Flack recalls a time, long, long ago, when having a bucket of cold water poured over your head was the preserve of Super Bowl-winning coaches and drunken sailors.

The dignified pose of a leader
The dignified pose of a leader

That time has passed. Now streets cannot be walked down for fear of stray ice cubes, human interaction is limited to nominations and social media feeds now exist purely for H2O-based schadenfreude. And all for a good cause.

Flack has already documented those making a stand in this brave new world, and now, God help us, it seems the frivolity has extended to those bastions of reasonableness – the trade associations.

Step forward PRCA director general Francis Ingham. Resplendent in braces and shamelessly using his time in the spotlight to announce something else entirely, he does at least drag the CIPR’s head honcho Alastair McCapra into the fray, even if it is by way of a rather unfortunate Freudian slip. The extra bucket from his minion is also a rather nice touch...

Ps: Any apparent mention of an editor of a well-respected trade organ – Not you, Holmes – is purely accidental on Ingham’s part and should be treated as such. 

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