Flack #IceBucketChallenge special: Shameless shoutouts and human centipedes

Now Flack knows there is probably some in-depth analysis to be done on why the ALS #IceBucketChallenge is a clever, strategic bit of social media.

The lady on the far right discovers exactly when ...
The lady on the far right discovers exactly when ...

And that’s all well and good. In fact, our Stateside brethren did it here (shameless plug alert).

But enough of all that. Mainly it just enjoys watching PRs burble out a few words nervously as they await freezing cold punishment at the hands of sadistic colleagues – my, how they laugh, usually all the more heartily when it’s the boss getting a dousing. 

With that in mind, here’s a little gallery of some of the PRs taking the plunge...

First up, the indefatigable Nick Ede of EdenCancan. Never one to avoid mixing with slebs, he also has the most glam of nomination lists – Patsy Palmer, Kelly Osborne and Sarah Harding, you say? Shameless. 

Next up, kudos to One Marketing Communications, who captured the chilly fate of CEO Graeme Wood from multiple angles and with a slo-mo for good measure. It's all about the production values, guys...

ONE DOES ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE from onemarcom on Vimeo.

TVC's efforts, meanwhile, are a tad less slick. C'mon you lot, video's supposed to be your thing; remember Red Bull Stratos? Still, credit to the Cookie Monster man for a) wearing a Cookie Monster T-shirt, and b) getting in a half-hearted cheap shot right at the end. 


A bit of creative thinking from Wild Card here, with a human centipede (ahem) in bucket form. But what about the lucky sod at the back? 

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