James Davis: 40 Under 40 2012

PR Consultant, Previously Comms Director, 2012 Republican National Convention

James Davis: 40 Under 40 2012

Described as "one of America’s most talented communicators," James Davis has been at the heart of some of the biggest communications

challenges in the past decade. Assignments have taken him from the bowels of the Pentagon, where he led crisis communications around the closure of militay bases in 2004, to the Gulf of Mexico, where he helped frame BP’s response to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In his role as director of congressional research at the Pentagon, Davis devised and carried out the communications and media strategy to build support for sending more troops to Iraq. Fellow PR professionals describe his work on this project as "nothing short of extraordinary." Davis led efforts to recruit surrogates from the ranks of retired cabinet members and military and civilian defense experts. He also provided analysis of the media appearances of these individuals as well as other key figures.

 In addition, Davis established a rapid response unit to clarify and correct factual inaccuracies in the media. He also developed the Iraq Communications Desk, which coordinated that effort. "No factor was more important to the successful American withdrawal from Iraq than the ‘Surge’ and – at least on the civilian side – no factor was more important in the success of the ‘Surge’ than the communications effort James helped establish and implement," says Mark Pfeifle, VP of S4, a professional services and consulting firm that has worked with Davis. This year, Davis reprised a role he played in 2008 as communications director for the 2012 Republican National Convention.

"While his professional credentials are impressive, even more so is the man himself," adds Pfeifle. "A consummate professional, James is highly regarded by colleagues, team members, clients, and the media as well."

"I’ve known him for six years and can say without hesitation that no individual would be more suited to the prestigious 40 Under 40 award," explains Pfeifle.

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