A flavour of Cohn & Wolfe's work

Bringing lustre to the Lumia.

What did this client want Cohn & Wolfe to do for them?

Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile Devices) appointed C&W globally as an agency that hit the sweet spot between marketing and communications.   Our brief was simple: drive demand and desirability for the Lumia series of phones.  We were challenged to create ideas that would be disruptive, create mass impact and engage with new audiences through conversation and shares of online content.  Ultimately, our goal was to contribute to their business success by driving sales and increasing market share.

Any potential pitfalls you needed to take into account?

We knew that it would not be enough for us to tell consumers that they should be interested, we had to show them as well – which meant that content creation became central to all our plans. We had to find ways to set Lumia phones apart from competitors – which we did by highlighting their core USP’s and positioning the brand as adventurous and playful, a leader in digital innovation and a voice of authority amongst generic brands.

OK, and what was your grand plan to tackle this?

Every tactic aimed to generate engaging and disruptive content, aligned with the lifestyle interests of our consumers and showcasing the relevant Lumia USPs including the 41mp camera, the strength of the hardware and the sensitivity of the touchscreen.

Lumia Lightning
In order to underpin Nokia’s reputation as the world leader in innovation and research and design, we partnered with scientists at the University of Southampton, who own one of the only high voltage laboratories in Europe. We commissioned research to see if a phone could be charged with simulated lightning and it worked! With the innovative experiment demonstrating the durability of the handsets captured on video ,the story - via media outreach, caught the imagination of 1.2 billion people globally.

Lumia Weddings
We flew to Cabo Mexico to manage and direct wedding photographer Joy Marie capturing a real couple’s wedding celebration using a phone (the Lumia 1020) for the first time – putting the phones camera quality to the ultimate test

Lumia Glove Love
Only Lumia phones have the sensitivity to work whilst wearing gloves; so last winter we created the world’s largest thermo reactive, ‘cold’, billboard which showed the messages MAKE LOVE and SEND TEXTS during the day, but when the temperature dropped the messages changed to MAKE CALLS WITH GLOVES ON and SEND TEXTS WITH GLOVES ON. To amplify the story we also partnered with Do The Green Thing’s ‘Glove Love’, a charitable matchmaking service for single gloves, that saw Nokia create a ‘Glove Amnesty’. The amnesty encouraged Lumia fans to recycle single gloves to highlight how many gloves are lost as a result of taking them off to use a smartphone.

Sounds good. What outcome did all of this have on your clients business?

Nokia reported its first quarterly profits since the decline whilst market share boosted from 0.1% – 0.4%. Whilst a recent Kantar Panel said that "Making a comeback: If Android and Apple can claim to be the big players of 2013, Windows Phone wins the title of top-performer." Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. But the final word should go to Business Insider who cited: "Nokia is starting to look like the Little Big Smartphone That Could. And their PR folks are smoking the competition, arguably taking the ‘quick response’ mantle out of Samsung’s hands."

Impressive. Any gems of wisdom you learned from working on this that you’d like to pass on?

This  campaign put the idea first (Don’t tell. Show) and then decided on the best platform for execution.  This resulted in a highly impactful series of successful  and diverse executions that in turn engaged a variety of different audiences.  


Scott Wilson, UK CEO and Managing Director, EMEA: Scott.wilson@cohnwolfe.com

Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square,  London, WC1H 9LT

Telephone: 020 7331 5425

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