A flavour of Berkeley PR's work

Connected consumer management company, Gigya, is the major player when it comes to helping companies understand who their users are.

Working with many of the world's largest and most recognised brands, Gigya provides its clients with rich social login and registration data, intelligence, and tools needed to reach consumers with the right messages, on the right platforms at the right time. Gigya's presence in the US is well-established, but now it wanted to showcase its expertise and analysis across the pond, to a high-level marketing and tech audience.

That's where Berkeley PR came in. Berkeley PR uses the power of story to drive awareness and association with the companies it represents, and this approach was perfect for Gigya's roll-out of its European sales and marketing efforts. The results were astonishing.

What did Gigya want Berkeley PR to do for them?

Berkeley PR’s brief was to introduce Gigya to the EMEA market and to enhance its presence to grow to a level similar to the US, by engaging marketing decision makers through high volume, high quality media coverage. Driving these decision makers to Gigya, by publicising its technology and expertise as a first-rate marketing solution, was the primary goal for Berkeley PR. Berkeley PR was exactly the right fit for Gigya, as an agency that could support its US marketing team, working both independently and in sync with the team and the existing US PR agency.

Any potential pitfalls you needed to take into account?

Social media, as an overarching topic area, is incredibly broad. There is a consumer and business application, multiple players in the market, and sometimes quite complex technology that has to be explained and justified to the press to make it both relevant and interesting to their readers. Berkeley PR’s objective was to find room for Gigya in a space that is already crowded. Berkeley PR had to ensure that Gigya was cutting through generic debate and corporate jargon, to position itself as a go-to company for media comment and opinion.

Ok, and what was your grand plan to tackle this?

Berkeley PR’s existing knowledge of EMEA markets, the relevant trends and opportunities with the media, as well as top level relationships with the press and analysts, gave the perfect platform from which to launch Gigya into Europe. The focus was on Gigya’s business objectives, so reaching the right audience was paramount. Berkeley PR promptly established a press office to ensure that Gigya was seen commenting publically on all relevant stories and, more importantly, an active participant in all conversations that related to the EMEA business objectives.

Berkeley PR identified the key topics that were occupying not only the minds of the press, but also the minds of relevant decision makers, and developed a thought leadership programme to ignite the interest of top level marketing executives who were responsible for budget contro

Sounds good. What impact did all this have on your client’s business?

Berkeley PR propelled the brand into the UK marketing and tech media. Over the first seven months, Berkeley PR secured over 300 pieces of coverage in the national, marketing, tech, retail, travel and regional press – amounting to a total readership of 1.02 billion people (14 per cent of the world’s population).

For example, on 5th February 2014, Twitter announced a $511 million loss in its first quarter of public trading. The press wanted to know why these results had been so poor and Gigya told them, via 100 pieces of coverage.

But it wasn’t about the volume of coverage we secured for Gigya; it was about the quality and the reach. Berkeley PR secured regular coverage in the top tier marketing and tech press, as per the client’s objectives, while also securing ten pieces of national coverage over the seven-month period.

Thanks to Berkeley PR, Gigya’s presence in the UK is now firmly entrenched, making it a sought-after expert and thought leader on social media and consumer identity. There has been a significant increase in web traffic and leads for Gigya, following the work that Berkeley PR has successfully executed.

Impressive. Any gems of wisdom you learned from working on this that you’d like to pass on?

Staying on top of the news agenda is very important but it’s a staple requirement of any PR agency. We made sure that to cut above all the other noise we were firmly ahead of the news agenda, not just on top of it. When you have content that is completely aligned with the client’s messaging and conversations in which to include this content, the results can be endless. Not only are you entering into the right discussions, you are imprinting your client’s values and message in the minds of key journalists and therefore key decision makers.

When you have a story to tell, and you have the tools with which to tell it, your client’s public image will flourish and both the PR and business results will materialise quickly.

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