Flack: Stealing sausage rolls at the Financial Times party

In its annual coalescing of the rich, powerful and sickeningly well-connected, the Financial Times summer party pulled in the usual array of top-flight PR folk.

Is the editor of the Financial Times doing a 'pull my finger' gag? Maybe, maybe not...
Is the editor of the Financial Times doing a 'pull my finger' gag? Maybe, maybe not...

Flack thought it would poke its beak in to see if it could rub shoulders with the likes of Ed Miliband and Prince Andrew. Before being "politely asked" to leave it managed to grab a few posh sausage rolls for the journey home and spot a few familiar faces. Take FT editor Lionel Barber and Portland's duo of Tim Allan and Alastair Campbell (above) for example. Flack didn't hear the conversation but imagines it went along the lines of: "So you’re the ones who keep trying to scupper our stories...ha." Keep your friends close...

And who else but WPP supremo Sir Martin Sorrell, pulling a presumably well-practised 'I'm not impressed' face while Labour's Chuka Umunna bends his ear. You've got to work harder than that to get the party a bit of free publicity, Chuka...

Then, amid the schmoozery and chinwagging came a reassuring sight. Who should be there but Flack’s Supreme Commander (yes, that whole ‘editor’ title is just a show of modesty), the ineffably handsome Danny Rogers, here with Decoded founder Kathryn Parsons. 

Picture credit: Financial Times


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