Scene & Erred: Bell Pott and its lightsabers of litigation

It's a classic PR tactic - take the news of the day and piggyback like crazy ...

Darth Vader: More litigious than you'd expect
Darth Vader: More litigious than you'd expect

... but the buzz around the seventh Star Wars movie was embraced a little too enthusiastically by one litigation communications specialist at Bell Pottinger in a recent emailed attempt to pick up business from lawyers:

"No-one would have wanted to take on Darth Vader without the powers of a Jedi knight.

And whilst many lawyers have awesome powers in Court, they often have little control over what happens outside Court. The result can be the media blowing apart a client’s reputation faster than an X Wing fighter.

What can help to avoid this? A light sabre might, but unlikely. Advice from Bell Pottinger’s Litigation Support team certainly will.

Knowing what the reputational risks are, and how to deal with them, is the best way to avoid a disaster of galactic proportions.

Whilst no Bell Pottinger Litigation Support consultant would claim to be Obi-Wan Kenobi, they may still give you the insight to ensure that whatever happens in court your client’s reputation out of court remains intact."

S&E can only speculate how many sci-fi solicitors and Princess Leia–loving lawyers it lured, but it does know one of the many recipients was less than impressed, emailing back:

"If this is the best marketing and PR you can muster – a random email to every single litigator in London – please include me out of your tedious mailing list."

Ouch. Bell Pottinger may have been associated with the Dark Side on one or two occasions in the past but this may just have been a step too far.

Still, we understand there are mitigating circumstances as the "deeply embarrassed" author claims the email was one in a weekly series that has previously had a good reception and still regrets the unfortunate slip of CCing rather than BCCing.

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