PR Summit: EDF's Gareth Wynn on its Olympic legacy and new nuclear

EDF is building on its sponsorship of London 2012 in several ways including harnessing employee volunteers to talk to communities about the importance of building new nuclear power stations, the PR Summit heard today.

Speaker: Gareth Wynn at the PR Summit today
Speaker: Gareth Wynn at the PR Summit today

Gareth Wynn, communications director for nuclear new build at EDF Energy, delivered the opening keynote speech at the PR Summit, a PRWeek-run event attended by 140 communications professionals in London today.

Taking questions afterwards, he outlined how the company is continuing the work it did around its Olympic sponsorship two years ago.

"The Olympics significantly boosted our net brand promoter score among those who were familiar with what we had done. We know it moved the meter significantly for us.

"We know that it gave us a fantastic platform for launching our Blue+ Price Promise. We launched an advert for that on the back of agreeing with the London Organising Committee [of the Olympic Games] that we would supply electricity backed by nuclear for the first time and talk about it explicitly. The blue product is a low-carbon product backed primarily by nuclear. This is us trying to normalise nuclear for consumers.

"We’re still sponsoring the British Paralympic Association and that’s part of an internal dimension which is about helping to promote the value of diversity in our workplace. We found that introducing employees to the Paralympian athletes was brilliant way to break down barriers for disability but it had a knock-on effect in other areas of diversity.

"The other thing that we’re continuing is a thing called Company Makers, which was born from the concept of Games Makers, where what we found was a very large number of employees were willing to volunteer to do things, to go above and beyond.

"So we’re tapping this discretionary effort for a voluntary scheme running internally where we’re asking them to spend time outside of their normal day job doing things that matter to the company.

"I’m championing one of the activities, which is called Bringing Nuclear to Life. It comes back to building advocacy. What I’m building is a couple of hundred employees who are properly prepped and briefed on how to cope with the story why does nuclear matter in the energy mix and why is new nuclear important to EDF Energy.

"They are helping me internally and to go out into the community and schools to tell the story. Out of my relatively small team I’m now amplifying the impact we can have with their help."

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