Create authentic engagement to achieve results worth sharing

Properties and sponsors must become activation partners to realize truly breakthrough results.

Properties and sponsors must become activation partners to realize truly breakthrough results.

Both must tap into the minds of online and offline audiences, where a person participates not because they are told to, but because they are so immersed in the experience they engage without being asked. They participate because they want to.

As marketers look to bring more digital integration into sponsorship activations, it is vital to protect the purpose and purity of the consumer experience. Engagement is a beautiful art that can be easily lost in today’s obsession with social media activity (tweet this, like that) vs. social interaction. 

Marketers who refrain from simply pushing content and, instead, become experiential architects will win valuable emotional real estate. Simply put, consumers share moments triggered by real, fully immersive environments filled with subtle branded components. 

Influencing behavior in a non-intrusive subliminal form is complex and takes a great deal of preparation and calculated risk. But, if done correctly, the results will thrive beyond imagination. Here are three tips when looking to activate at an event. 

Know the environment: Don’t rely on third-party sources listing facts about how consumers behave – go witness it yourself. Immersing yourself in an experience will provide you with first-hand knowledge on how to engage. Identifying key behaviors is crucial if you’re looking to inject your brand into an experience in the most meaningful way.

Become part of an experience: You don’t need to own the experience, but instead become part it. Identify what will resonate best with consumers and then give them that wow moment where they share instantly.

Choose the right approach: Sometimes, the most pure form of engagement happens offline. You might start with creating something spectacular offline that participants will want to share because they were part of something special and want others to know it.

Whether it’s for your company or for a client, challenge yourself to think about what it truly means to engage. Don’t just create yet another marketing ploy. Take the time to build something special that will be remembered long after the event has ended.

Jeffrey Cutler is an SVP at Matter, the sports, entertainment and experiential specialty division of DJE Holdings.

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