Mutton dressed as lamb

Agony uncle and University of Westminster's visiting professor of PR Trevor Morris gives it to you straight.

Trevor Morris: PRWeek's agony uncle
Trevor Morris: PRWeek's agony uncle

My boss is in her late forties. She is good looking, but still wears the size and type of clothes that she probably wore when she was half her current age and weight. It not only makes her look unprofessional, but is also attracting bitchy comments from other departments. How can we tell her without hurting her feelings or losing our jobs?

I smell faux concern. You write to a man in middle-age (hey, some people live to be over 100) about the dress sense of a woman in early middle-age. Do I look like an expert on how women of a certain age should dress? I am not even an expert on how men of a certain age should dress, other than knowing that they shouldn’t show grey chest hair, wear skinny jeans or have a ponytail.

I suspect the bitchy comments you refer to come from within your department. Be honest. You love sniggering about your boss as she hangs on to her youth by her carefully manicured fingernails and tries to ignore the raised eyebrows you and your catty colleagues give her.

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