Habits: Andy Coville, CEO, Brodeur Partners

The late Donald Murray, my Pulitzer Prize-winning professor at the University of New Hampshire, shared some advice that I have never forgotten.

Habits: Andy Coville, CEO, Brodeur Partners
Morning ritual
Coffee. Nothing happens without that. Then it's my workout. If I am in training for a half-marathon, I'll run. If not, I'll mix in weights and yoga. Then I take my daughter to school.

Biggest surprise on your iPhone/iPod
I'm bombarded by alerts from all my news sources, and my Red Sox always provide the best surprises.

Daily required reading
The New York Times cover to cover, starting with the health section. I also read a little bit of the New Yorker every day. And Twitter, where I can find the best links to good, interesting research.
First PR job
PR writer at Infocom, an entertainment software company. At the time, we made games such as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Guilty TV pleasure
Game of Thrones.

Best career advice
The late Donald Murray, my Pulitzer Prize-winning professor at the University of New Hampshire, shared this advice, which I have never forgotten: ‘Don't worry about being the best or most-talented person in the room. Most people do not do anything with their talent. Take the talent you have and work hard. That will get you further in life. And write every day.'
Most regrettable career moment
I went to COMDEX (the Computer Dealers' Exhibition) in the late '80s and set up dozens of interviews with a client who did not have much to say. If you were one of those editors, I apologize.
Most distinct aspect of your personal office
It's distinctive in its boringness, but many people find our S-shaped conference room table distinctive. Will you sit on the inside of the curve or the outside? It's a big decision.

Proudest career achievement
The day we won the American Cancer Society account. We brought great thinking to a terrific brand. Every day, we cherish our opportunity to work hard and creatively in support of a tremendously important cause – saving lives.

Ideal day off
It involves two pivotal decisions: How will I work out? And what are we doing for dinner? Whatever the decisions, we will be outdoors, it will be sunny, and there will be bodies of water nearby.

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