Wayin captures social conversations in real time

Wayin provides tools that allow users to capture conversations on multiple social media channels in real time, filter them, and integrate them across their own platforms.

Wayin provides tools that allow users to capture conversations on multiple social media channels in real time, filter them, and integrate them across their own platforms, including websites, mobile devices, apps, television, and on screens at public events.
Cost is $5,000 per month or $50,000 per year for unlimited access and no volume restrictions on data tracked, displayed, or curated.
Sandy Young, senior marketing manager for the Denver Broncos, has been using Wayin since July 2013.
How do you use it?
It is very user friendly. You just type in a URL on your Web browser to get into the administration site of your unique social hub. Every client has a unique backend URL. You can designate anyone on your team as an administrator, and they can then set up feeds, pages, and moderate tweets.
We have feeds related to our scoreboard, our ribbon feed (which is like an LED ticker of text that goes around the stadium), our website, and our in-house TV system.
For each feed, you can pull Twitter content including hashtags and handles, and Instagram images. Wayin gives you the ability to customize feeds based on where the audience will view the aggregated content, and then you can moderate it with the click of a button.
We display fan-generated content on our scoreboard, so we set that feed up to only pull in team and fan-generated tweets with images and tweets that only use the hashtag for that game (each game has it's own unique hashtag).
Right now, we cannot display Instagram content on the scoreboard because of the relationship Wayin has with Twitter, but we are able to pull Instagram content into the widgets on DenverBroncos.com.
We only pull in content without an image for our ribbon board because it only displays text.
For our website, we can set it up to display content for specific pages. To do that, we basically create a widget that will only display on a specific page, size it to fit well, and then place it on the page.
Wayin is in Denver – literally five minutes away from us ­– so we are unique in that they can help us in person if we have a problem. But I'm sure the Wayin team would be just as easily accessible via phone or email to clients that are not local.
People from the Wayin team also come to the stadium and help us on game days. They really work alongside you to make sure you maximize the platform and use it to the best of your ability.
How does it serve your business needs?
Wayin helps us not only be in the conversation with fans, but also celebrate how they are getting behind the team on social media.
Prior to Wayin, we were able to speak with fans but we were not able to gather and display content from them on our platforms. We were not able to showcase our story around social in this way before, and everything we display is relevant content because we get to moderate it.
We do a pre-game show that we broadcast to fans inside the stadium on game days. Two employees (Chris Hall and Gray Caldwell) host the show. Gray does a weekly segment on our website called Gray Matter in which he answers fans questions from Twitter. Wayin allowed us to bring that experience into the pre-game show starting at the November 17 game against Kansas City because we were able to display questions fans tweeted on the scoreboard behind the hosts while they answered the questions.  
No matter where our fans are, we are able to bring them into the experience and the conversation.

What are the main benefits?
Being able to bring fans into the experience on our different platforms.
It allows us to moderate, which is really important and it is extremely easy to use. We didn't really have to train anyone or get technical people involved. We can use it ourselves seamlessly.
Wayin allows us to continue to break the mold in our social media strategy to better showcase fan content.
What are the main drawbacks?
When we did the scoreboard integration, it was the first time Wayin had done it, and the first time we had done it. So we're learning together. There are some growing pains, but it is easier when you have the right partner, and we feel Wayin is the right partner.

Wayin doesn't pull content from Facebook. We didn't think it necessarily needed to do anything with Facebook, but others who want an all-in social platform might want that.
What would you like to see improved/added?
I've made a couple of suggestions regarding moderation, and Wayin has implemented them.  
Based on our feedback, Wayin is currently working on a way to identify time-specific tweets. Being a sports team, it is not uncommon for people to tweet “Two hours to game time. I'm so excited.” If we pull that tweet onto our ribbon board, it would still be running when it's 20 minutes to kick off. I want to be able to pull that person into the conversation, but only have that comment displayed when it really is two hours to game time.
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