How to get more out of your media placements

You've hired a PR firm to help you land premium exposure for your company. Now what can you do to leverage that exposure?

You've hired a PR firm to help you land premium exposure for your company. They've worked their contacts, found a great hook to help tell your story, and landed some killer media coverage for you. Score! Now, here's the question: what can you do to leverage that exposure?

Getting good press is only the starting point of what can be a robust PR strategy for your company. Long gone are the days of putting press clippings in a binder and bragging about them once a year at the annual meeting. In today's world, those victories can be shared long into the future to garner even more exposure for your business. If you're not implementing at least three of these tactics below, it's time to kick up your game a notch.

1. Add press coverage to your website: Put the media outlets' logos on your homepage and embed a link to the article in which you were featured. Label the section "as seen on" or "in the press."

2. Enlist employees to tout company victories: The signature line in emails is valuable promotional space; don't waste it. Have staff include links to some of your press coverage within their signature. To ensure consistency across the company, consider providing a template for their use (and update it several times throughout the year).

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3. Include media placements in your newsletters: Newsletters are an ideal place to share press coverage. Current and potential customers like to hear what others are saying about you and learn new or different ways to use your product or service. The great thing about including press coverage in your newsletter is that someone else is writing about how great you are, instead of you doing the bragging yourself.

4. Transform coverage into a digital press kit: Having an online press kit ensures you're promoting yourself even when you don't have an active PR campaign going. Journalists, investors, clients, customers, vendors, and others can visit your online press kit to educate themselves about your company 24/7. Here's a perfect example of this: Contently's easy to read press page.

“A digital press kit or simple press webpage is a great way to package all of your company information in one place for reporters,” said Kat Eller, principal of Roam Communications. “Make sure to include exec bios, headshots, the company's most recent facts and figures and any screenshots or images to better educate press about your company and reduce misinformation in future coverage.”

5. Incorporate press into your social sharing: When you get press, be sure to let the world know. Luckily, that's easier than ever with the plethora of social platforms out there. Share links to positive coverage through all your social channels and encourage employees to share via their own accounts to educate their friends, family, and network about the great place they work.

“Give your media coverage a longer shelf-life by avoiding viewing it as a onetime success,” Jennifer Donovan, founder of Nova Communications. “Don't just post on LinkedIn or Tweet out a link once, continue to drive awareness back to the article (on your company website of course to encourage a little poking around while on there!) by posting it multiple times, sharing various aspects of the article's key messages each time.”

6. Keep those ears open: Many websites have comments open at the end of articles. If you've received a press mention, be sure to monitor the comments that readers are leaving. This allows you to maximize the exposure you receive, respond to compliments or complaints in a timely manner, and create a relationship with readers who could very well become – or already are! – your best brand advocates. Always remember to stay positive.

7. Decorate the office: Show company pride by displaying some of your best media placements throughout the office. Print them so the media outlet's name is prominent, frame them, and then hang in common areas like the lobby, lunchroom, or conference room. 

8. Create a Glossi spread: Glossi empowers you to create your own online magazine to tell your story. Add photos or PDFs of articles that highlight your press coverage, audio from podcast or radio interviews, and video from TV or web appearances.

9. Let other people do the talking: “I'm always a big proponent of relevant self-promotion but talking about your own press hits can only help so much,” Elliot Tomaeno, founder of Astrsk PR. “Getting your fans, partners, and employees to share recent articles or blog posts can help drive even more attention to your media placements while positioning your company as a great place to work and a trustworthy organization to partner with. Respond to their social posts with heartfelt gratitude and you've got yourself an amplified and authentic feedback loop that keeps on giving." 

Have other ideas of how your team spreads the word? Share your idea with a comment below.

Kristen Tischauser is cofounder and managing partner at talkTECH.  

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