New surgical product gets a healthy boost from 'Forbes'

Cohera Medical is rolling out its first product for plastic surgery, TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive.

Name: Michael Levey, director, Zer0 to 5ive (Devon, PA)
Placement: Forbes, November 17, 2011
Pitch timeline: Two months

Who is your client and what are its media goals?
Cohera Medical develops absorbable surgical adhesives and sealants. It is in the process of rolling out its first product for plastic surgery, TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive, which eliminates or reduces the need for post-surgical drains, allowing for more natural healing after procedures such as tummy tucks.

Cohera turned to us to raise awareness about the product's early success in both business media and key medical outlets.

What made Forbes such a good target? How did you pitch its reporters/editors?
Forbes has great credibility with the investor audience, which is key for Cohera as it prepares for its Series C fundraising round. Its pharma and healthcare page is widely read by the leading surgeons in Cohera's sweet spot.

We pitched the editors with an exclusive centered on the first surgeon to use TissuGlu, while also providing background/statistics on what a game-changer this could be for surgeons.

Describing TissuGlu requires some knowledge of medical procedures. Did that require you to do some selling to reporter Coeli Carr?
Yes, but we had worked with Carr before. We knew she preferred to receive background in layman's terms and that she likes to speak with experts and executives before reading through any materials.

We prepped Dr. Dirk Richter, the German plastic surgeon quoted in the piece, as well as Cohera CEO Patrick Daly before they spoke with Carr. We then gave Carr all the medical/industry information and finally secured compelling photos of the technology for her to choose from.

What was the hit's impact?
The Forbes feature had an immediate impact when posted online, resulting in 2,300 click-throughs to the article, nearly 100 Facebook shares, and a 260% increase in unique visitors from 221 to 578 the week of the Forbes piece. More importantly, The Plastic Surgery SmartBrief, our top industry newsletter that's put out in partnership with the American Society for Plastic Surgeons and reaches 5,000 engaged surgeons, re-ran the story in its entirety.

In addition, broadcast outlets in Washington, DC, and Philadelphia have shown interest in doing segments related to TissuGlu in early 2012. The piece also helped strengthen Cohera's relationship with its investors as it closes a $25 million-plus investment round.

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