Lip service from Katy Perry puts product on the map

The president of GlitzyLips leveraged an existing relationship with a celebrity manicurist to get the company's foil lip appliqués on Katy Perry at the Grammy Awards.

Client: GlitzyLips (Houston, TX)
Agency: Hansen Marketing Communications (Carson City, NV)
Campaign: Operation Glitzy Grammy
Duration: February 11 – February 14 2012
Budget: $1,500

President of seven-month-old GlitzyLips Athena Elliott leveraged an existing relationship with celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees to get the company's foil lip appliqués on Katy Perry at the Grammy Awards on February 12.

“Having a celebrity wear your product really helps increase sales and recognition,” Elliott says.

AOR Hansen Marketing Communications developed a campaign that targeted influencers to drive awareness of GlitzyLips among women, make-up artists, and potential entertainment industry partners.

Building buzz in blogosphere and on social media channels was key.

“We focused on influencer blogger and websites that could post immediately about what was on Katy Perry's lips,” explains agency founder and chief inspiration officer Diane Hansen.

Social media outreach helped set the record straight after two competitors tried to claim the product on Perry's lips was theirs.

Elliott taught Kyees the application process and she says Kyees took it to Perry's makeup artist. Kyees applied the product on Perry's lips just before the show.

Real-time updates were posted to GlitzyLips' Facebook and Twitter properties, as well as to Elliott's personal pages.

Hansen sent a release to entertainment and beauty bloggers and GlitzyLips' database of contacts.

While monitoring social media sites, Hansen discovered two competitors, Violent Lips and Danessa Myricks, took credit for the product on Perry's lips. Hansen advised Elliott to contact Kyees to help. Kyees immediately thanked GlitzyLips on Twitter, and the team pushed the message to bloggers and reposted it on social media properties to establish that the product was indeed GlitzyLips.

Hansen also notes a customer loyalty “411” program that includes a subscription newsletter launched in tandem with the campaign.

Elliott reports online sales “at least tripled” in the month following the campaign compared to the month prior to the campaign. She also landed three international distributors and a deal with Disney Orlando to provide GlitzyLips for 150 dancers during a week-long stage show this summer.

About 75 online stories ran (more than 24 million impressions) in outlets such as,,,, and a Houston Chronicle blog.

Since January 12, GlitzyLips Facebook likes have increased from 1,760 to more than 2,300, and Twitter followers have increased from 1,287 to more than 1,800.

The subscription list increased by 75%.

A “GlitzyLip Sync” promotion is in the works. Hansen adds that Violent Lips has been “aggressive” in claiming that GlitzyLips contains lead. Response plans include promoting the product's Material Safety Data Sheet.

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