Don't ignore mobile's engagement opportunities

One fundamental is constant throughout any communications strategy - go where your audience goes.

One fundamental is constant throughout any communications strategy – go where your audience goes. 

Looking at the trending factors for tablet use and content consumption, there are a number of really exciting and interesting opportunities the medium presents us.

Current tablet consumers are younger, smarter, wealthier, and more naturally inclined to use technology than traditional print readers. With so many of us courting this audience, tablets are the efficient and direct means of brand engagement.

The opportunities for communicating more deeply, and in a fundamentally more interesting fashion, abound. Tablet content should be richer, more immersive, more entertaining, and personalized. And let's not miss the point – by entertaining, I mean interesting, relevant, provocative. I worry about communicators just chasing the medium because it's novel and cool and everyone's doing it – but not considering the practical and financial realities of delivering really interesting, motivating, relevant content.  

A few years ago, we discussed what we called the “medification” of communications, meaning that companies increasingly serve as their own publishing entities. To us, tablets present a next logical platform for execution of this communications approach.

Publishers seek to drive more content on tablets because of the premier advertising and engagement opportunities they provide. As communicators, we should follow suit - and lean back.

Tracey Parry is SVP and partner-in-charge at Airfoil California.

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