Hendrick's Gin points out the 'unusual' in US cities

NEW YORK: William Grant & Son's brand Hendrick's Gin will launch a campaign next month highlighting unusual elements of five US cities.

NEW YORK: William Grant & Son's brand Hendrick's Gin will launch a campaign next month highlighting unusual elements of five US cities.  

The “Voyages into the Unusual” effort will kick off in Houston on June 5. The campaign “is kind of a traveling circus,” said Dave Welty, commander of special operations at Hendrick's.

“We want to create this 360-degree, three-day event of Hendrick's madness that comes to town where we take people out of the mundane and celebrate the unusual,” he explained.

In Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York, Hendrick's will host consumer events at unique venues with local artists and celebrities. Local residents can attend if they sign up on the brand's website, Welty said.

One of the Houston events will be the “Hendrick's Gin Cocktail Academy,” at which two groups of 25 consumers will attend intimate sessions with mixologists and brand ambassadors. The sessions will “take consumers on a journey about how you make a cocktail and why you make it the way you make it,” added Welty.

Maloney & Fox, the company's PR agency partner since 2008, will draw attention to the unusual events in each city by reaching out to national, local, and trade press, said Will Wheeler, account manager at the firm. The agency will engage print, online, and broadcast outlets, and by the end of the year it will curate a guide with results from the events.

Social media will also play a role in promoting the campaign through the Hendrick's blog, UnusualTimes.net, where the company will post content about each event. The agency will also manage a video series to show off the Hendrick's employees who work in the US.  

“Were going to create a series celebrating the unusual by having great conversations with unusual and brilliant people who can bring to light fantastic things,” explained Welty.

A video will feature General Sherman, one of the world's largest trees, in California. Welty said the brand will host a gin and tonic event at the tree with an “unnamed expert” for a video interview.

He added that all the content, including videos and photos, will be posted on the Hendrick's Facebook and Twitter accounts and blog. The brand's Facebook page has more than 45,000 fans, and its Twitter account has about 11,000 followers.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated Dave Welty's title. He is commander of special operations at Hendrick's.

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