NetBase uncovers what women want

NetBase founder Michael Osofsky told CMO Lisa Joy Rosner that he could use the company's social media monitoring platform to find out what women want.

Client: NetBase (Mountain View, CA)
Agency: Eastwick (Sunnyvale, CA)
Campaign: What Women Want: A Social Media Monitoring Launch Campaign
Duration: March 2012
Budget: $60,000

Last fall, NetBase founder Michael Osofsky told CMO Lisa Joy Rosner that he could use the company's social media monitoring platform to find out what women want. This sparked the idea for a launch campaign at SXSW (March 9 to18) that revealed the top 10 things women want. 

We needed to create awareness and demand among corporate and agency digital communications, marketing, and PR professionals,” Rosner explains. “The ‘What Women Want' idea was a great way to creatively demonstrate the power of the NetBase product and of understanding social conversations. SXSW was the logical place to jumpstart the effort.”

AOR Eastwick partnered on the campaign.

NetBase technology was used to conduct a study of social media chatter for 12 months that uncovered what women (and men) said they wanted. It also measured buzz, sentiment, and passion intensity for the top 10 brands associated with each want. Ice cream topped the women's list and cars topped the men's list.

Results were illustrated in an infographic unveiled at NetBase's SXSW March 12 panel session. Media and blogger relations, social media outreach, and various teaser tactics at the conference drove buzz.

The week prior to SXSW, digital, marketing, PR, and data-related trades and bloggers were given platform previews. The infographic was embargoed until March 13 for all but Mashable, which broke it online immediately following the panel session.

A conference guide ad directed attendees to NetBase's session or booth to discover what women want. NetBase also sponsored 5,000 SXSW staffers, who wore “NetBase Knows What Women Want” t-shirts. 

March 10 to 12 NetBase employees wearing “Ask Me What Women Want” t-shirts passed out postcards mirroring the ad and “I want” fill-in-the-blank stickers. People who wore the stickers and tweeted what they wanted to #netbaseknows got free ice cream from a branded cart.

NetBase's platform displayed real-time “I want” tweets in the booth and at the panel session. The person who posted the most creative tweet won 52 pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (a year's worth of what women want).

Messaging was also pushed out on NetBase's Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Rosner reports 16 active enterprise deals currently in the sales cycle and 821 new qualified leads.

Between March 9 and 23, daily traffic surpassed an average of 17,000 unique visitors and website conversion increased 450%.

Fifty-four stories (39 million impressions) ran in outlets including Glamour, IDG, Billboard Magazine, and Fox News. A Taipei executive who saw coverage contacted NetBase and now runs the company's office there.

Twitter impressions hit 6.4 million.

The campaign is ongoing. The team is promoting additional information derived from the study and various business use case studies.

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