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Media Monkeybiz provides TV and radio broadcast monitoring (both in English and Spanish), intelligence, and analysis.

Media Monkeybiz provides TV and radio broadcast monitoring (both in English and Spanish), intelligence, and analysis. It includes permanent SDTV and HDTV content libraries dating back to January 2005 and November 2010, respectively.

Self-service monthly subscriptions range from $275 to $475 for unlimited low-resolution TV and radio clips. Self-edited hi-resolution downloads are $95 (as low as $70 with a package). Radio, SDTV clips, and HDTV clips edited by Media Monkeybiz range from $75 to $235 each. Reports range from $7 to $15 per hit (packages start at $125). Transcripts start at $60. Customized executive briefings are available starting at $1,000 per month.

Privately owned member of News Data Service.

Matt Wakely, VP communications at Alexian Brothers Health System, has been using Media Monkeybiz for about one year.

How do you use it?
I log on to the platform and can see my coverage and analytics with one or two clicks. There are tabs for broadcast, print, and Web and the option to look at today's hits or for the week. I can quickly and easily filter by a single news outlet, topic, or across various media types for a subject.

Everything is in a single screen without having to merge, export, or import. It's the most navigable platform I've ever used, and I've literally used every broadcast, print, and Web monitoring service.

If there's a problem I usually call. Someone is always there.

How does it serve your business needs?

We're a healthcare system running 48 different healthcare facilities – from acute care hospitals to large retirement communities – in five states. I oversee all media relations. Media Monkeybiz allows me to organize clips and do so quickly.

Daily executive briefs are one of my key channels for communicating. It goes out to our Board of Governors and about 100 top leaders and it's populated with information found in Media Monkeybiz, including today's broadcast, print, and Web coverage.

I generate a vast amount of reports in different formats. Media Monkeybiz allows me to quickly compile a report in a specific format, export it, and get it to the appropriate leader.

I don't always need major market coverage – I might need Chattanooga. Media Monkeybiz finds a lot more regional and rural coverage, as well as major market coverage, than other services.

I rely on finding as much content as I can, and I've been frustrated with past services. I did a head-to-head test with Media Monkeybiz and a competitor. Media Monkeybiz was finding the most expansive coverage for major markets, rural markets, and niche markets.

It delivers what I had to previously contract with four different services to get, and the analytics are excellent. Many services have terrific advanced metrics, but sometimes you need something quick and Media Monkeybiz has analytics and metrics for media that's not top tier, including viewership and ratings on everything.

The archive has better retention than I've ever seen. I can search archived broadcast data back to 2002, and clips are available for 60 days – even hi-res video clips. For another service I've used it was literally only for 48 hours. Others maybe give you a week. I can't ensure that our leaders are going to get to a link that week, and there's nothing worse than a person not being able to access a link because it's expired.

What are the main benefits?
Retention time for videos and the amount of coverage it finds.

I'm not charged for archiving things – they're indefinitely in my platform folders.

What are the main drawbacks?

It returns so much content that I can't put everything in the daily briefing. So it's required me to change the way I disseminate information. For example, I've added a series of regional briefings, which I couldn't do before based on lack of content, and I'll soon launch reports that highlight specific things like social media comments about a facility. Overall, it's required me to create extra reports, but I'm able to target them more.

What would you like to see improved/added?
I would like videos archived indefinitely, but I know that's impossible.

I would like to see a support arm to assist clients in developing and templating very specific types of distribution reports.

It would be nice if it were a little easier to cut and paste.

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