MEDIAmobz connects companies with freelancers

Mediamobz is a platform for producing, managing, and publishing multimedia content.

MEDIAmobz connects companies with freelancers
Mediamobz is a platform for producing, managing, and publishing multimedia content. Features include a global network of certified producers, a media library, a secure file collaboration tool, a screening room, and a fully automated publishing capability.
Starts at $395 per month.
Privately held.

Peter Kristensen, team leader for Oceans and Natural Resources at The World Bank, has been using Mediamobz since March 2012.
How do you use it?
The World Bank and more than 100 partners, including governments, international organizations, civil society groups, and private sector businesses, have formed The Global Partnership for Oceans. The purpose is to address some of the issues facing the oceans, including unsustainable fisheries, loss of costal habitats, and pollution, and assist countries in tackling these issues.
Mediamobz helped us with two short movies. The first was filmed in Washington DC, and it documents the first meeting of the partners in which we discussed how we were going to proceed. The second was filmed in Brazil at the Rio+20 conference, where we officially launched the partnership.
Mediamobz sent producers to shoot both movies. After filming was complete, we logged into Mediamobz's online screening room to review rough cuts, make comments on different sections of the films, and prepare the final cuts.
We distribute the movies through our website and YouTube. We're still developing a media strategy for The Global Partnership for Oceans, and we'll be deciding what platforms we'll use for distribution.
If there was a problem during editing we could report it within the online screening room or email the director of the movie that Mediamobz assigned to work with us. They were very responsive in both cases.

How does it serve your business needs?
It serves us well because we work globally and Mediamobz has a network of producers and film crews that can mobilize quickly. It's an easy one-stop solution for us. It was particularly helpful in Rio, where it would have been difficult for us to find a crew ourselves on short notice.  
The films fill a need because they document and communicate what happened. They're a visual reporting that helps audiences understand what we're doing. It's important to our business because we're a global development finance institution and we're assisting countries in addressing issue of sustainable development. The movies show that we're convening the partners needed to provide a solution.

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from and IT standpoint?
We accessed the screening room on a Web-based portal. Mediamobz sent us an email with a link that you just click on and then log in. It's very easy.
What are the main benefits?
It provides a global network of talented people and tools that work.
The company has been very flexible in scaling solutions and accommodating what we needed. They were able to work with us in a short time frame. The movies are high quality and were delivered on time.
It's also cost efficient.
What are the main drawbacks?
There haven't really been any yet.
What would you like to see improved/added?
I can't of think of anything.
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