Cloud-based SocialChorus delivers real-time analytics

SocialChorus provides a cloud-based platform that enables clients to build and manage social advocate programs and measure ROI via its real-time analytics dashboard.

Cloud-based SocialChorus delivers real-time analytics
SocialChorus provides a cloud-based platform that enables clients to build and manage social advocate programs and measure ROI via its real-time analytics dashboard. Strategy and execution services are also available.

The platform license fee is $2,000 per month per brand. Program strategy and execution services are also available.
Privately held.

Alyssa Gardina, account supervisor at Weber Shandwick, has been using SocialChorus since August 2012. As an agency, Weber Shandwick began using it a few months prior to August 2012.
How do you use it?
Six people across our digital and traditional outreach teams have logins. Once we log in, we come into one central dashboard where we can contact influencers, upload content we want influencers to share, and view metrics. We also have the ability to customize the look our dashboard, and we can pull analysis reports to give to our clients.
If there's a problem, we reach out directly to our account manger – usually by email. They are super responsive.  

How does it serve your business needs?
It helps streamline our processes for influencer relationship management, report better metrics, run a more efficient campaign, and maintain effective relationships.
We used it for client RadioShack's School of Smart campaign that ran August through October. The campaign focused on consumer education about smartphones, as RadioShack has the expertise to guide consumers through device and plan purchase options.

SocialChorus gave us a central place to upload educational content that influencers could distribute to their audiences. We also wanted to drive engagement with the School of Smart content, which included a walk though video of the new Samsung Galaxy SIIII. We were able to upload that video, which influencers then shared with their audiences and linked back to, which had information on how they could purchase the phone.  

We are looking to leverage SocialChorus on an ongoing basis to continue influencer relations for RadioShack, giving them sneak peeks about campaign and product launches and generally keeping them involved with the brand.  
How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from and IT standpoint?
It's Web-based, so it's really flexible for us to use.

What are the main benefits?
It has helped us streamline influencer relations. It gives us one point of contact and a great place for influencers to get unique and engaging content.
It keeps track of messages you send back and forth to influencers to help us make sure we are meeting their needs.
The measurement features are really great. It tracks the social networks on which influencers are sharing your content. It also tracks impressions and metrics that measure influencer scores, such as Klout scores, to help us determine the actual reach of posts.
What are the main drawbacks?
We are able to customize the platform, but users still have to go to a website that ends in
Influencers see some SocialChorus branding in the platform and they have to sign in to get access to our content.
What would you like to see improved / added?
They've been really helpful in integrating our requested changes. For example, when we were working on the School of Smart campaign, we supplied SocialChorus with a list of things we wanted to see added or improved. Most of them have been implemented or are scheduled for implementation.
I would like to see ongoing improvement to the user experience, primarily from the influencer side, and customization for the brand side.
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