Original, customized content readily available with BlogMutt

BlogMutt provides clients with weekly original, customized, keyword-targeted posts for business blogs.

BlogMutt provides clients with weekly original, customized, keyword-targeted posts for business blogs.  
$79 per month for weekly posts of the client's choice with a money-back guarantee.

Privately held.

Lyndsey Lane, marketing and advertising manager for Rocky Mountain Ace Stores, has been using BlogMutt for about five months.
How do you use it?
When I started using BlogMutt, I set up a profile detailing key topics we are looking to cover in our blog so the writers know the main points we are trying to hit for our audience.
I get delivered several posts a week to choose from and I post one. When they are ready, I get an email saying they are available to view on BlogMutt's website. I log on, read them, and put them in the order I want in the queue. I can also requests edits. The first post in the queue is emailed to me the following day and I copy and paste it into our blog.  
I have received a couple of posts that did not make sense because they were not seasonally relevant. For example, one post referenced spring, but it was already fall. There's a comment section for each post, so I just requested an edit to make it relevant for the fall.
Once, I got a really bad post in my queue. I didn't have time to review it before it was sent to me, so I emailed the post to my BlogMutt contact and he credited my account so I could pick another post instead.
How does it serve your business needs?
Ace Hardware has won the JD Power and Associates award for customer satisfaction for six years in a row, and we're known for being “the helpful place.” Our blog is another way for us to provide helpful information to customers. It's important to give our consumers fresh posts every week, but I don't personally have time to write weekly ones.
Sometimes consumers do not realize we are locally owned and operated. Local owners are closely tied to their communities and our blog provides consumers helpful tips from a local-oriented voice, rather than from a marketing or advertising pitch.
BlogMutt helps us cover a number of specific topics, like grilling or paint color matching. It's great to get good, fun, and exciting content covering so many different topics. For example, to get a whole post on how to choose paint is fantastic – personally, I could maybe write a paragraph on that topic.
Before we starting using BlogMutt, our blog had about 300 visits per quarter. After using the platform for three months, visits doubled to more than 600 per quarter. I also added a link to the blog on our homepage, and clicks on that link have doubled to more than 200 since we started using BlogMutt.

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from and IT standpoint?
I do everything through BlogMutt's website and email. Then I post the content directly to our blog.  
What are the main benefits?
Increased website traffic and also engagement, as people are now leaving comments and noting they appreciate the helpful tips the blog gives them.
It is cost effective and is helping us drive the message that we are locally owned and operated.
We have more than 90 stores in our group and all of them find the blog helpful.
What are the main drawbacks?
I can get posts on specific topics, but I can't necessarily get coverage of local events or store events. For example, one of our stores had a turkey cook-off for Thanksgiving and I had to write a post about that because BlogMutt couldn't do it because they're not here.
What would you like to see improved / added?
I'd like increased communication with the writers. Right now, if I want a different topic discussed or I'm not seeing something in the posts that I want, I have to go into my profile and rewrite my needs and requests. A chat function or something that facilitated easier dialog between me and the writers would be great.
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