Journalist Q&A: José Carlos Chaparro, Luhho

Luhho editor-in-chief José Carlos Chaparro talks to Brittaney Kiefer about the potential for growth in new markets in the next 12 months and the launch of its English-language edition.

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Why did Luhho launch a magazine in Florida? 
We decided to do a Spanish-language US edition for two reasons. First, due to the increasing audience and previous success in South America, it was natural to take the next step. Second, the presence of Hispanic readers beyond the frontiers of Latin America has grown and so have we.

You quickly followed that up with an English-language edition.
The print edition will be available at the end of April (May issue). The digital edition launched in February. The English-language edition of the magazine will be available nationwide on newsstands supported by a very strategic international distribution.

Luhho will be available at apartment and condominium residencies in affluent inner-city ZIP codes, luxury retail stores, five-star hotels, fine-dining restaurants, exclusive spas, art galleries, and major events throughout the country.

While some magazines have folded print editions, Luhho decided to launch a new one. Do you believe there is still a market for print titles?
Paper and printing give an added value that is difficult to replace. We are delivering both versions, printed and digital.

It is necessary for both versions to be available to readers and give each person an option.

How does your background as a designer and art director help in your current role?
In the past 10 years I have gone through all the jobs imaginable in this industry, from writer and style corrector to graphic designer and art director. All this has given me a broad view and better understanding of the functions and responsibilities of each and allows me to better appreciate and respect the team I work with.

Will the English edition be an exact translation of the Spanish version?
The majority of the content will be the same as the Spanish-language US edition, but it will also have content tailored specifically toward select local events and advertisers.

What differences have you noticed between working in publishing in the US versus Peru where the company was founded?In Peru, for several reasons, the production timeframe is much shorter and this allows us to reach our audience with more updated content, which is the reason we have earned success in Latin America.

The US market challenges us by having to deal with an extensive timeframe in which printing, distribution, and other factors are out of our control, but we continue to maintain the diversity of our content.

An English-language print edition of Luhho is set to launch nationwide at the end of April.

Who is Luhho's target audience, and how do you reach them?
The name Luhho is a play on the Spanish word "lujo" which means "luxury." Luhho is an elegant and exclusive magazine that seeks to reach a sophisticated Hispanic audience, those who appreciate the finer things in life.

To earn these readers we need to be present in their areas and spaces. We have an exclusive list of hotels, spas, clubs, and marinas where we can be found. Our aim is to become the most influential lifestyle magazine as far as luxury is concerned.

How does Luhho use social and digital media?
We have a website that manages the most up-to-date news. Our social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, are updated daily for readers. The February issue of Luhho was published in conjunction with the launch of the magazine app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

What is the process and parameters for brands to be included in an issue?
The main parameter is still based on standard and novelty. Second, the proximity factor. Latin America, Spain, and the US take precedence. Maintaining a brand relationship is important. We are in constant communication with more than 300 brands, and in many cases we are provided with exclusive content.

Any future markets you are looking to expand into?
We are looking into the promising markets of Spain and Mexico, along with special editions in Brazil, China, Turkey, and Russia, though no specific timeframe has been set for launches in those markets.

What's ahead in 2013?
With our English edition, we are developing mobile apps for IOS and Android. We will also organize several events.

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