SocMetrics helps turn social influencers into advocates

SocMetrics' Topical Influence platform helps clients identify and engage highly targeted influencers on social media channels and turn them into advocates.

SocMetrics' Topical Influence platform helps clients identify and engage highly targeted influencers on social media channels and turn them into advocates. Features include detailed influencer profiles, the ability to view influencers by topic, keyword, or location, the option of creating and sharing outreach lists and notes; monitoring, and analytics.
Starts at $1,000 per month.

Mike Hollywood, director of new and social media at Cone Communications, has been using SocMetrics for about two years.
How do you use it?
The tool provides a dashboard that aggregates all the influencer lists you've created. It's a simple Web interface. You just log on to your account on the website and from there, you can create a new list or manage existing ones.
Creating a new list is a matter of identifying the specifics of who you are looking for. There's a simple keyword search and also check boxes of predefined areas of expertise for influencers. If you're looking for people interested in Boston, baseball, and beer, you can check those boxes and get a very targeted influencer list from the existing data SocMetrics has on influencers with those areas of expertise.
You can also do more specific searches by keyword or geographic region, and a list of influencers will be presented to you. You can choose to add them to your final list or ignore them.
You have the ability to search on SocMetrics before you create your watch list, but once you're happy with who is on your list you establish it as a watch list and track the conversations those people are having related your client or your business. Take the example of the influencer list of people who are interested in Boston, baseball, and beer. If we were working with a client that was launching a new lager, and we wanted to find out every time an influencer on that targeted list talked about beer, we could set alerts within SocMetrics to let us know so we could then engage those influencers. The engagement happens outside the tool.  
We were one of the first users of SocMetrics, and we've never encountered any problems with the tool. Having been a longtime customer, we have a great relationship with our sales rep and with the founder, and they've been very quick to help us with any questions we might have. I'd imagine they'd be very quick to address issues too, but we haven't had any.
How does it serve your business needs?
Our clients benefit because it allows us to get deeper, more non-traditional, and interesting influencer lists much more quickly than we have historically been able to get them. We can find an influencer that potentially our clients' competitors haven't found yet, and those clients can develop a relationship with that influencer and have a first-mover advantage.  
Ultimately, for clients it means the quality of influencers that we're engaging on their behalf is higher and more diverse. It provides more opportunity to get their stories told in different places.
It's obviously very good for us if our clients' businesses are doing better. In general, it's important for our business overall to be able to identify influencers and maintain our existing overall internal database of influencers.
SocMetrics is also a valuable tool for Cone from a business development perspective. If we're working on a new business pitch for a client that needs to reach people with some sort of food intolerance, we can use SocMetrics to identify people within that space. We can get a pretty good list very quickly that allows us to look at the existing chatter and become experts more quickly if it's in an area in which we don't have an existing expertise. We recently pitched a retailer that specializes in big and tall clothing, and we used SocMetrics to find influencers of that particular size.
How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It's Web-based.
What are the main benefits?
It's a quicker, more efficient way of getting a quality list of influencers.
It helps us to quickly become educated about a particular area or topic and customer service is great.  
What are the main drawbacks?
It's not a tool you would use to create a very large list of 100 or 500 influencers for a blanket mailing or something – it's not good for a spray and pray approach. It's great for identifying folks with whom you want to develop deeper relationships.
What would you like to see improved / added?
From the beginning they have talked to us about our needs. They're genuinely interested in how we would and do use the product, and they've incorporated our feedback in platform updates. They're a great bunch to work with, and I'm looking forward to a longer-term relationship with them.
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