Simply Measured analyzes all social data in one location

Simply Measured provides software that allows clients to aggregate and analyze all social media data in one central location.

Simply Measured provides software that allows clients to aggregate and analyze all social media data in one central location. Detailed reports can be generated in Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.
Pricing tiers start at $500 per month and scale based on number of channels, audience size, and conversation volume. Monthly cost for most customers ranges from $1,500 to $5,000. A free trial and select reports are also available.
Privately held.
Rachel Pikus, social media & digital analytics manager for ATP World Tour, has been using Simply Measured since January 2013.

How do you use it?
On a day-to-day basis after I log on, I usually go to the reports page to access all insights for all our channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram, and Vine.
I also complete a weekly report for our digital media team, and I've scheduled some reports to be run automatically and sent to me every week.  
You can set up separate data collections for your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Analytics, Instagram, and Vine accounts, as well as for keywords. We worked with Simply Measured to identify what data collections we wanted to create.
There are multiple types of reports for each channel in the reports section. For example, if you just want Facebook analytics (followers, engagement, and more) you can pull that. If you want more insights about content you can pull a different report. You can choose what data collection you want, so if you have multiple Facebook accounts you can choose which one you want a run a report for.  
You can also input your competitors' social media pages and run a report on those if you want to compare. 
Once you've set up data collections and become familiar with reports, you get a sense of which ones you run on a regular basis. Then you can set it up to automatically generate reports weekly or for whatever time period you want.
If there's a problem, I'll email our account representative. She's always quick to follow-up or contact us. For example, if we get an error message or we're trying to get a report three times in a row without success, she'll email right away asking if she can help. She also walks me through new features over the phone. 

How does it serve your business needs?
Social media is a key component of our fan outreach and communication. Simply Measured gives us insight into how to optimize our channels to drive engagement. We have an international audience so it's important to continually analyze how we're performing globally.  
We have 61 tournaments in 31 countries, so we have editors based all over the world who work on our website. They produce some of the best articles, interviews, and videos in men's tennis, so our website is really rich with content.
We use social media to dive fans to that content and also to give them a platform to share their passion about players and tournaments. Simply Measured allows us to gauge how effective our social media efforts are at impacting our goals of driving traffic and content engagement.
We recently launched Spanish language Facebook and Twitter pages. Simply Measured is helping us monitor their growth and adjust our strategies with these new audiences.
Our English language Facebook and Twitter audiences are pretty large – 1.8 million on Facebook and about 350,000 on Twitter. We seem to have a good handle on what content works on those pages, but we still use Simply Measured to gather information on those pages all the time.
How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It's Web-based. 
What are the main benefits?
The presentation of data is great. The interface is really clean and all key metrics are available via the Web reports. The process of selecting what data you want to see is really easy.
All past reports are saved and organized in our Simply Measured dashboard.
You're not locked into the metrics that show up on the Web reports. If you want to dig deeper, you can download all the raw data into Excel and create your own charts if you want.
It gives us insight into our own channels – there are a lot of great products for listening, but they can't necessarily provide information about your own channels.
What are the main drawbacks?
I love the Excel reports, but they can be quite large and sometimes my computer will slow to a crawl to process them. It's a good problem to have because there isn't a lack of data. 
What would you like to see improved / added?
Simply Measured is always surveying customers to see what other products or features we would like to see. They recently asked if I would use social ad reports if they were available. We do social advertising – mostly on Facebook right now – and I have to use a separate tool if I want to see metrics on that. So if social ad data was available through Simply Measured, I think we would be interested.
They're really quick to make requested improvements. For example, there's an option to print reports that you've downloaded into Excel but it wasn't working for me – the charts were getting cut off in the middle. I emailed my account representative, and within one day all the data was separated such that it printed perfectly.
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