Podio helps teams manage workflow

Podio is a social collaboration platform that allows teams to create customized workspaces for internal and external workflows.

Podio is a social collaboration platform that allows teams to create customized workspaces for internal and external workflows. It includes hundreds of free specialized apps, and clients can easily build custom apps with a simple drag-and-drop tool.
Starts at $9 per month per user. A free version is available for teams of up to five people. A free trial is also offered.
Acquired by Citrix Systems in April 2012.
Rob Roy, group VP, e-commerce and interactive marketing at Time Warner Cable, has been using Podio for about nine months.
How do you use it?
We use it to track all internal requests for any type of enhancement needed to one of our digital channels. Anything that pertains to my team's business tracks comes through Podio. All of my team members – about 52 people ­– have access. It keeps everything in one centralized repository for any team member to access.
One of my employees created online Web forms for all the various parts of the business and all the various types of requests. We refer to anyone who requests a digital channel enhancement as “a requester.” So, if a requester wants to modify a FAQ on one of our support pages, we have a form on Podio that allows them to give us all the information necessary to modify that FAQ.
All requests are automatically published to Podio for our viewing. We meet weekly to review and prioritize those tasks. If a task is accepted, it's assigned in Podio to the appropriate team member.
When you log onto to your dashboard, you can see specific tasks that have been assigned to you, pending requests, or tasks that are in workflow. The dashboard keeps you organized for what you need to do and also lets you see what others are working on.
If there's a problem and it's something we feel needs high escalation or if it's something we can't solve on our own, we reach out to our dedicated representative at Podio. There are also online tutorials and support forums that we can use. 

How does it serve your business needs?
We have hundreds of internal stakeholders who represent different parts of our website. Each cross-functional group or stakeholder has some sort of need or want from the website. Before Podio, email was our best tracking tool.
Podio allows us to intake all those projects through our online Web forms and deliver them in a much more streamlined manner. We can intake them and manage them all from one system so we don't lose anything. If we have people who roll on and off a project, they can see the project history and get up to speed relatively quickly.
We started using Podio after a major overhaul of our website that involved working with multiple IT groups and even multiple groups within my team. We had to break out each task, and each had very specific tracks and stages. Using Podio, we were able to aggregate all those work streams into an overarching system that helped us stay much more streamlined and minimized redundancies and multiple communications because everything was centralized.
Overall, it saves us time and helps us communicate more efficiently and effectively with each other and our internal stakeholders.
How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It's a standalone Web interface. We haven't integrated with our IT infrastructure. There's opportunity for us to do that if we want to down the road, but right now we're happy leveraging the product from the website.
What are the main benefits?
Better document management.
Increased team collaboration and productivity.
Improved efficiency in communication among our team members and with internal stakeholders. 
What are the main drawbacks?
The biggest one is there's not a great way to set up Gantt chart views. We have to leverage other tools for those.
What would you like to see improved / added?
I would like to have more flexibility within calendar views, and we've talked to Podio about this.
I'd also like the ability to easily move files and projects between workspaces. A workspace is a defined area that houses all the information for specific individual projects. Right now you have to re-upload any file you want to move from one workspace to another – you cannot just drag and drop it within Podio.
Project and task management software, such as Basecamp and Asana.
Enterprise social network providers such as Yammer.
CRM products, such as Salesforce.com's Sales Cloud.

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