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newBrandAnalytics' nBA Insight is a social intelligence platform that provides restaurants, hotels, and retail companies with operational insight based on customer feedback gathered from online sources.


newBrandAnalytics' nBA Insight (formerly called Social Guest Satisfaction) is a social intelligence platform that provides restaurants, hotels, and retail companies with operational insight based on customer feedback gathered from sources including social media channels, online forums, comment cards, and surveys. The tool delivers current and historical data, including performance trends, benchmarks, loyalty analysis, and sentiment themes. It can also track content generated for individual locations. Customized reports and mobile alerts for general managers are available.

Starts at $99 per location per month. Volume-based pricing is also available.

Privately held

Molly Catalano, director of communications and PR at Five Guys, has been using nBA Insight for about one year.

How do you use it?
Various users with various levels of access receive daily email alerts on social media mentions of Five Guys, including what operational categories they relate to and positive or negative scores. We can also log in to the platform whenever we want.

We worked with newBrandAnalytics to create a customized launch pad that helps franchisees make sense of the data. The launch pad is a list of 10 categories that include food, service, operational performance, loyalty drivers, staff who made a difference, etc.

The launch pad shows us what's working and what's not working for each of the categories. For example, I can see all the positive themes for the last 30 days for each store and for the entire company. I can also look at what needs attention by viewing the top negative themes across all categories.

I can also drill down into what newBrandAnalytics calls insights. The platform categorizes online mentions by operational category, such as “burgers,” and attributes it to a specific location. We can look at data based on region, as well as data for the whole company. All of this was hard to do before. 

We have about 300 users total -- the150 franchisees who run our 1,200 stores as well as all of our field staff. If anyone notices a problem with the system, they alert a designated internal person, who then contacts our account representative at newBrandAnalytics.

How does it serve your business needs?
We're able to glean real operational feedback from the thousands of little bits of information online. In the past we tried to do this through media monitoring services, but in the best case scenario we were only able to tell if chatter was positive or negative. With newBrandAnalytics we can tell what people are talking about. For example, if there was a problem with a burger we can see specifically what the problem was. If someone had a great customer service experience we can see who the employee was and what the experience was.

Quarterly analytics reports give us a big overview and reveal trends from quarter to quarter.

In some cases, it's helped us uncover and correct operational issues. For example, newBrandAnalytics alerted us that feedback on our French fries was going down negatively. The chatter was sort of all over the place -- some people said the fries were soggy, some said they were overcooked. But the negative feedback mirrored what some of our executives had been seeing while traveling, and it gave them data to prove it. In response, we launched a nationwide fry calibration effort. Over the next couple of quarters, our fry sentiment improved. So newBrandAnalytics showed us the problem, we made the operational change, and our efforts were reflected in the improved sentiment.

The information we get from newBrandAnalytics helps us refine solicited data, including what we ask and how we ask it. For example, we do extensive mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys so we get a lot of solicited data from those efforts. Comparing that data to the information we get from newBrandAnalytics helps us make the solicited programs better, and also ensure accuracy on both sides.

Additionally, they work really well together. For example, perhaps newBrandAnalytics picks up on an issue. We can then change or add questions to our customer satisfaction survey to gather more in-depth information about that issue. 

We launched our first UK store on July 4, 2013, and newBrandAnalytics helped us before we got there. They were able to pull up chatter about burger chains in the UK so we could better understand the UK burger landscape and know if there was any chatter about Five Guys there before we even launched.

We recently claimed all Five Guys locations on Yelp, and newBrandAnalytics captures, categorizes, and scores every Yelp review so we can interact with the customers who leave comments there. We have 1,200 locations, so if we didn't have a tool like newBrandAnalytics we wouldn't be able to filter out who we should engage.

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It's Web-based. They have the ability to integrate with our system but we haven't asked for that yet.

What are the main benefits?
It makes it easy to see and find all mentions on the important social media platforms, and it helps us quantify it in convenient reports. 

It helps us share social data with executives and franchisees, which was hard to do before.  

It allows us to hear our fans' key messages. It filters out the noise and shows that what might seem like trivial tweets do add up to quantifiable operational categories.

Location information: Before we started using newBrandAnalytics, unless someone who commented about Five Guys on a social media channel specified where they were in the comment we couldn't know what location they visited. Now we can, and we can also compare locations.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the different ways of looking at the data, but newBrandAnalytics was great about working with us on the custom launch pad so we could easily see what we should be focusing on.

What are the main drawbacks?
We sometimes get reviews that aren't for Five Guys in our feed. It's only happened maybe three times in the last year, and newBrandAnalytics has taken care of it quickly each time.

What would you like to see improved / added? 
Our quarterly analysis reports give us data that compares Five Guys to other brands, and I'd like to be able to see that data integrated into our online dashboard.  

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