Offerpop helps social marketers run successful campaigns

Offerpop allows clients to easily run photo contests, referral programs, sweepstakes, and curated collections on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Offerpop allows clients to easily run photo contests, referral programs, sweepstakes, and curated collections on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It includes fully optimized app functionality on Apple iOS and Google Android devices, optional fan and permission gating, branded domains and share links, the ability to run different campaigns in multiple countries and regions, and one-click translation into 17 languages. 

All Facebook timeline posts and key performance metrics are automatically archived. Additional features include the ability to categorize posts with keyword-based tags, automatic generation of individual profiles for each Facebook fan who interacts with your page, segmentation of fans based on interests, and the ability to track engagement, influence, and loyalty scores.

Subscriptions range from $14 per month to more than $675. Individual campaign cost ranges from $15 per month to more than $750. A free option is available for clients with up to 100 fans or followers.

Privately held.

Ryan Belcher, social media specialist at Jockey, used Offerpop for one promotion in the fall of 2012 and subsequently began using it full time in January 2013.
How do you use it?
We use it for a variety of reasons, including contests, photo contests, giveaways, and for lookbooks for upcoming new catalogs.
The company offers many different apps, all of which are built for social, so all the social features you would want, including voting and sharing, are built in.
I use it to monitor the success or health of a campaign we're running. If I'm running a campaign, I usually log on multiple times a day to look at the campaign report for the following: unique visitors, new fans or likes acquired, and number of sign-ups/conversion rate. All of these metrics help me determine the success of our campaign and whether copy or image adjustments are needed.
To set up a campaign, I work with our internal design team to create the assets we need. Offerpop is basically plug and play so I upload those assets and set the required fields fans must fill out to participate.
When a campaign finishes, I typically extract a CSV file that has all the information we need to integrate our contest sign-ups into our internal database.
Outside of campaigns, on a day-to-day basis I use the insights feature to help me determine what our Facebook audience cares about and what's driving engagement. The insights feature breaks down which Facebook posts are most talked about and which are least talked about, along with other information. It's easy to look at, and having it all in one central location is really convenient.
I also use Offerpop's fan database, which shows me how many of our fans are male, how many are female, their age, and where they live. While it's still in beta testing, I'm excited to see how this feature grows.
Offerpop's account team and those assigned to Jockey are really great. They're super responsive and always willing to jump on a call and walk us through anything we might need.
We've launched campaigns at 5pm on a Thursday and then realized something wasn't working. Within an hour of emailing Offerpop's team, they've either fixed it or let me know when it will be fixed.
How does it serve your business needs?
Offerpop provides the platform, the technology, and the intelligence to help me do my job better.
Everything we do in social media ladders up to the overarching goals of Jockey, which are tiered out as we look to move the brand to a younger audience and attract more 25- to 40-year-olds.
Overall, we want to drive product relevancy with that audience and let them see Jockey has a lot of great products. Underwear is core to Jockey, so we always want to make sure that when people interact with us they know that Jockey is the authority in underwear.
We have 100 outlet stores across the country and being able to use the fan database to see gender, age, and location is really helpful. It gives me intelligence that helps me ensure I'm delivering value to our audience and giving them location-based offers.
I really try to focus on elevating the brand and resonating with our target consumer so I post questions to see which product silhouettes and colors are their favorites.
Offering our fans opportunity to sample Jockey products via giveaways/contests using Offerpop is a great way to get people interested in and thinking about the brand. Sampling is also the best way to know if a product is for you or not.
New customer acquisition and getting new Facebook fans into our email database are other goals that Offerpop helps us accomplish.
We recently launched the new Jockey bra, and it was probably the most successful launch in Jockey's history. The bra is based on a revolutionary new Volumetric Sizing System that is unique to Jockey and is changing the way women fit themselves and shop for bras. We got a lot of requests and questions through social media channels about the bra and our new Fit Kit sizing system, which ultimately led us to creating a giveaway for the Jockey Fit Kit. We encourage women to pass along the Fit Kit to their friends.
We used Offerpop's referral app to run a Fit Kit Friday giveaway starting in July 2013. Through the app we built a tab on our Facebook page that included a video explaining the fit system, a sign-up form, and a link to our bra website.
Getting the Fit Kits out and letting the winner fit herself and then pass along the kit to friends is extremely important because one Fit Kit may equal five or six bra purchases.
Almost half of all the sign-ups we've received for the Fit Kit Friday giveaway have come from referrals. That's really strong, and it tells me that this is a compelling story and women want to share it and let their friends know about it.
Based on intelligence from Offerpop we have been able to see how much women are sharing the Fit Kits along with information about our giveaway. This activity has led to an integration between our website, email, and CRM teams to come up with additional ways to encourage women to share and to reward them for sharing.
This fall we'll kick off an ad campaign around Jockey Sport Performance underwear for men that celebrates the “everyday athlete.” We'll leverage Offerpop's photo contest app to capture images of mens' workouts using a hashtag integration (#EverydayAthlete) with and Twitter and Instagram, along with the ability for men to share their story.
How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It's Web-based.

What are the main benefits?
It's easy to use. You don't need a developer background to launch a campaign – you can have one up and running in 10 minutes.
It's built socially by nature. You just need to find what app best fits your campaign and all the social functionality you could want is already built in.
Strong and easily readable metric reports that help quickly gauge the success of a campaign. The metric reports are also presented in a way that allows other business units within the company to easily read and interpret results.
What are the main drawbacks?
I don't really see any. The only thing I would mention is if you want to build something custom outside of Offerpop's templates, it's tricky but absolutely doable. They're really helpful in working with you to make a page look however you want.
What would you like to see improved/added?
When I schedule a post through Facebook's platform, I don't have a central location where I can look at all my past scheduled posts. It would be convenient if you could schedule posts to go live within Offerpop's platform along with the ability to see a queue of scheduled posts. It would also be great to then compare how posts performed against each other at different times of day. Currently, Offerpop's insights only show the most popular and least popular posts.
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