Nuvi provides real-time, visual social intelligence tools

Nuvi is a social media listening, engagement, and reporting platform that provides a visually intuitive real-time display of conversations.


Nuvi is a social media listening, engagement, and reporting platform. It provides a visually intuitive real-time display of conversations that weight influence and sentiment, allowing users to instantly grasp the significance of social media conversations and act immediately to engage detractors and evangelists. Other features include an overview of key metrics, a bubble stream of real-time mentions, a map showing location of people talking about topics pertinent to your business or brand, with street-level zoom capability, and a word burst feature that shows what's trending and what the majority of followers are discussing and sharing.

Data packages start at $500 a month.
Privately held.
Chris Chobanian, associate director, strategic research and analytics at Publicis Kaplan Thaler, has been using Nuvi for about a year and a half.

How do you use it?
It's a real-time visual analytics tool that monitors social conversations about brands or topics. You can also use it to look at historical conversations. It gives you the ability to execute specific creative content at the right time and place and measure how viral specific content is.
After logging on, you can easily create a topic to monitor. I usually plug in a keyword, phrase, hashtag, or brand name. You can use any keyword and I can measure what conversation themes are being generated about that topic or brand. It shows the biggest influencers by reach and viral reach – so it's an aggregate of an influencer score. In the initial interface you can see the top 10 of everything ­– keywords, terms, hashtags, and more ­– and you can download everything.?
Nuvi also shows visual connections that are like DNA of how your messages are getting viral.
You can monitor and compare against competitive topics or brands if you want.
We also use it to walk clients through all of this data and to generate reports as part of a visual analysis for them. Normally you have to create the reports from scratch, but with Nuvi we can just show them because it's so visually intelligent and easy to understand.

One of the things I love is the people who work for Nuvi have that startup mentality of fixing and resolving issues immediately, while also performing any ad hoc requests we might have. If there's a problem we reach out to them via email, phone, WebEx, or Skype.
How does it serve your business needs?
Everyone wants to measure and monitor the impact of an ad and marketing campaign and how it directly affects consumers. Our agency has deployed essentially a news desk and a social agility model that allows us to create actionable intelligence that drives real-time optimization. There's also a market need for real-time social media monitoring as brands are experimenting with or fully integrating into social.
Nuvi is a part of our agility process because allows us to monitor in real time how viral our message is in getting though to different influencers and to see those conversations in real time. It's measure of virality, and the visual output of seeing that DNA immediately shows you how receptive people are to the message and how viral it's getting.
Publicis Kaplen Thaler did the Anti-Defamation League's Imagine a World Without Hate video. Nuvi allowed us to monitor how viral it was, and the ability to monitor related conversations gave us the insight that we should potentially be targeting nonprofit influencers with the message because that was getting the most viral traction. So the tool helped us target which influencers we should be going after to get our message even more viral.
We also did the Scope Bacon campaign, and Nuvi allowed us to see in real time that specific bloggers had been keen on talking about bacon so we should reach out to them.
Overall, seeing the visual connections and influencers let's us know what we should do to optimize our message and drive even more earned media.

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It's Web-based. The way the data is aggregated is conducive to using any automated client reports via Tableau or Excel.
What are the main benefits?
The visual interface and real-time intelligence helps us understand what's happening in conversations, themes, geographies, terms, keywords, hashtags, sentiment, and overall influencer marketing.
The ability to let clients see data visually is exciting. It's a way for clients to immediately digest the information we're providing and to visually see the impact brands are having with their consumers. None of the social tools I've worked with provide a visual interface in this DNA format.

Using Boolean logic is a great approach for analyzing strategic conversations.
What are the main drawbacks?
The sentiment analysis is purely text-based. It would be nice to see sentence structure or logic used to understand true sentiment.
It's hard for Nuvi to compete with social enterprise solutions like Simply Measured because they're so big. Nuvi is smaller and focused on more real-time social media monitoring. It's a drawback not to be an enterprise solution, but that's not what Nuvi is trying to do. It's perfect for exactly what it's supposed to do.
What would you like to see improved/added?
I'd like to see a keyword list of terms that should be generated when you're searching for something specific – this is not just for Nuvi, but also for all social tools.
For example, if I plug in a keyword I'd like to see frequently used related terms so I know what to mine and weed out. This would help digital strategists build multiple personas of their desired target in digital and then craft relevant social experiences based on the multiple personas, such as single moms within a specific geography or moms 35 and older who have two kids, are heavy social media users, enjoy reality TV, and advocate for healthy food.
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