Sverve connects female bloggers with brands for social marketing

Sverve is an influencer-marketing platform that connects female bloggers with brands for paid opportunities and with peers for social networking.

Sverve connects female bloggers with brands for social marketing
Sverve is an influencer-marketing platform that connects female bloggers with brands for paid opportunities and with peers for social networking.

A one-time, limited trial campaign is available for $75 for a 30-day period. Regular campaigns are $200 per month with no limits on blogger applicants for the campaign, the number of bloggers who can be engaged, or the number of bloggers who can be reached via Sverve messaging and email messages.
Privately held.
Betsy Smith, senior social media strategist at Flightpath, has been using Sverve since March 2013.  
How do you use it?
It's totally self-serve. Once you log onto your account, you can get a campaign running in a couple of minutes. There's not a huge learning curve, which is great.
The most important thing is to adapt your pitch because you're speaking to a group of bloggers. You need to tell them why they want to participate in a campaign instead of writing something targeted to one person.
Once your pitch is ready, you just fill in the fields, title your campaign, copy and paste your pitch, and categorize it as advertorial, affiliate, contest, or review giveaway. Then you submit it and pay $200. It costs even less for your first campaign. 
When you come into work the next day you might have 100 replies from bloggers who are interested in your campaign.
You can see all the stats around each blogger, including social presence metrics, right there in Sverve's platform. You can communicate with bloggers from within the platform as well.
It's a small company, and they're really responsive. If I have an issue I just email my account representative and he gets back to me in 10 minutes. Sometimes my account rep calls me just to check in – it's not a weird sales call, just a check-in call.
How does it serve your business needs?
Blogger outreach is an essential part of social media and word-of-mouth marketing, and it has SEO benefits.
Our client Goya Foods was interested in reaching a wider audience about its My Plate initiative with Michelle Obama. They especially wanted to reach families interested in new healthy recipes and to talk about products that people might not be familiar with.  
We did blogger outreach for Goya through Sverve, and it had several benefits. We estimate that Sverve saved us about 75% of the time it typically takes us to do blogger outreach. We had 100 bloggers interested within a couple of days.
Now if a consumer sees a Goya product such as quinoa on a supermarket shelf and they Google it, they'll get recipes from all the bloggers who posted about it and discussed various takes on a recipe, such as whether or not their kids like it. It can help the consumer make more informed purchasing decisions, especially on mobile if they're in the supermarket and Googling something.
How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It's Web-based.
What are the main benefits?
It's affordable, easy to use, and you don't have to sign a contract.
A lot of time and budget can be spent on outreach for client campaigns. Sverve allows us to cut down the amount of time we spend trying to find people who are interested in a campaign so we can spend more time developing pitches and reaching a wider audience and less time emailing people that aren't interested.

What are the main drawbacks?
All the influencers currently on the platform are women.
What would you like to see improved/added?
I'd like to see enhanced reporting features, such as tracking of affiliate links.

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