Create, manage promotional campaigns with PromoJam

PromoJam's Be Social platform allows clients to easily and quickly create, run, and manage campaigns and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Create, manage promotional campaigns with PromoJam

PromoJam's Be Social platform allows clients to easily and quickly create, run, and manage campaigns and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. It also includes a suite of collaboration tools to help internal marketing teams manage projects. 
Monthly cost ranges from $29.99 to $249 for up to four promotions with 10,000 submissions. An option to create a custom landing page for one promotion with up to 200 submissions is available for free. Enterprise pricing is also available.
Privately held.
David Robbins, VP of digital marketing and media at Blue Man Group, has been using PromoJam since early 2013. 

How do you use it?
Once you log on, it's a simple three-step process to launch a promotion.
First, you choose a promotion type. Then you set up the perimeters of the promotion. Most of the perimeters are customizable. You can pick colors and fonts, upload graphics and images, and add the verbiage.
Then you publish the promotion, which varies a bit depending on what type you are running. If you're just creating a microsite, you click publish and it's done. If you're putting a tab on a Facebook page, there's a small extra step, but it's essentially the same thing.
If there's a problem we typically email our dedicated account manager, who is really responsive and usually gets back to us within the hour. Any issues we've had have always been resolved within a day.
We will email or call the founders if the issue is a bit more serious – for example, if we've launched a promotion and we've already tweeted about it and something is not working properly.
We were one of PromoJam's first customers, and they've been really amazing about helping us. The difference between PromoJam and other services is you're actually talking to a person and have a one-on-one relationship as opposed to just filling out a form and hoping someone gets back to you.

How does it serve your business needs?
We sell tickets, and that's really our one and only marketing goal.
A lot of tickets are sold at the last minute, particularly in Las Vegas, so it's difficult to plan ahead how a particular day is going to go. PromoJam allows us to quickly respond to our varying needs. For example, if we realize on a Monday that our Thursday matinee hasn't been selling great, we can run a promotion and tweet about it and get a response right away.
Several months ago, we launched an ongoing Blue Man Selfie competition. To enter, people had to take a self-portrait with one of three wax statues of Blue Man Group that are in the lobby of the casino where we perform in Vegas and then post it to Instagram with a hashtag for the chance to win a prize. We adjust the prize depending on how the show is selling. If there's a down weekend when someone posts to Instagram with the hashtag, the prize is a deeply discounted ticket. If we were selling really well, the prize is a song download.
Because PromoJam is so self-service, we have the ability to make those adjustments depending on ticket sales. So it helps us sell tickets and respond in an agile way to how tickets are selling.
In general, we tend to gear our promotions around giving people incentive to create content that's branded in some way that they then share on their social media channels. This drives word of mouth and awareness for Blue Man Group.

What are the main benefits?
It's self-serve.
We don't have to have a developer on staff. Someone with little to no technical expertise can create promotions.
The templates PromoJam provides are graphically appealing. Many templates provided from other vendors look they look like they're from the 1990s.
PromoJam is really agile and responds quickly to new releases from the big social media sites. For example, if Instagram suddenly allows new functionality like a more seamless integration, PromoJam can respond instantly so we're able to start a contest immediately after the new release.  
It's affordable. We don't have to sell a ton of tickets to justify the cost.
What are the main drawbacks?
The only real drawback is the inability to upload a custom cascading style sheet, and PromoJam is building toward that. Right now, they provide a toolkit so we can get close to the custom font we use for our brand, but it's still not the specific font we use.
What would you like to see improved/added?
PromoJam allows you to get very specific with colors and imagery, and they have created custom templates for us, but I'd like the ability to integrate with non-standard Web fonts.

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