Monitor social conversations with Visible Intelligence

Visible Technologies' Visible Intelligence platform allows clients to target, monitor, analyze, and engage in social media conversations.

Monitor social conversations with Visible Intelligence

Visible Technologies' Visible Intelligence platform allows clients to target, monitor, analyze, and engage in social media conversations in real time.

It covers Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, as well as global blogs, forums, message boards, consumer review and shopping sites, mainstream media sites, video and photo sharing sites, and more.

Users can simultaneously manage and publish content to multiple social media accounts and customize analytics dashboards. The platform also includes a Topic Discovery tool that allows users to identify and compare themes within searches, sentiment analysis, and demographic, psychographic, and geographic analysis.

Starts at $2,000 per month.

Privately held.

Ellen Wernecke, social media analyst for Dairy Management, has been using Visible Technologies' Visible Intelligence platform since July 2013. The company as a whole has been using it since April 2013.

How do you use it?
There are five visible tabs when I log on to our account. I typically start with the dashboard tab, which contains a variety of saved searches on various topics that we've determined to be of interest to our business. In this tab, I can see what's trending on social media, overall volume, and spikes in volume.

I use the search tab to put together quick searches for keywords, sites, or topics.

The monitor tab allows me to access our saved searches with classifiers for a lot of different topics and go deeper into those saved searches.

The analyze tab allows me compare multiple topics or searches at a glance.

We don't currently use the engage tab. As I understand it, it provides functions that allows you to respond through a company's social media properties.

I have not had many problems with the platform. If there is one, it usually stems from how I've set things up on my end. If I've tried everything I know to fix an issue and I still need help, I'll email general support or our account representative. They've been very responsive and have explained issues or helped me correct a query to make sure it runs correctly.


How does it serve your business needs?
We represent the dairy industry on an unbranded basis. We started using Visible as part of a larger effort to establish a social media and communications hub. We call it the newsroom, and it's the first effort we know of within agriculture to establish a communications effort specifically targeted toward consumer conversations.

Visible helps us get a 30,000-foot view on what is going on around dairy in social media. It also allows us to drill into those conversations and to identify ways to engage with our target consumers.

Monitoring discussions helps us determine when we should create content around particular topics that consumers are interested in. For example, leading up to National Cheeseburger Day in September we were able to quickly see that consumers were talking about it. So, we were able to create a blog post and a shareable photo for Facebook to reach out to consumers who love cheeseburgers. The Facebook image we posted was the most shared image on our Facebook page that week.

We have a new focus on proactive social media engagement, which we hadn't done a lot of in the past. Visible helps inform that content and target it to what consumers like. The blog post we created for National Cheeseburger Day is something we can use moving forward as well.

We also work a lot with state and regional partners that are communicating on behalf of the dairy industry. With Visible, we can monitor what they're doing so we can help amplify their content and see that they're amplifying our messages as well. Without Visible it would take us much longer to keep track of all the things our partners are doing.

What are the main benefits?
It is very easy to use, and is blazing fast.

It is easy to find what you're looking for, especially when we're looking for information on a short-term basis such as a search within the past 24 hours. I don't have to wait for the social media data to load – it is already in there when I need it.

The field of social media conversations about dairy is huge, and being able to save searches and drill into them as we need to is great.

The platform also allows us to take a look at dairy influencers and their effects so we can better understand how to leverage their influence.

What are the main drawbacks?
I honestly can't think of any major drawback. The amount of information that comes through can be overwhelming, so you still need to analyze it.

What would you like to see improved/added?
I get email alerts, but I'd like to have more of them so I can pull my team into using Visible more easily.

As a data nerd, I'd like a more robust classifier builder so I can better refine our search results.

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