Bridging the gap between PR and tech units is key to success

Too often, PR and tech teams do not work together. It's time for that to change.

Bridging the gap between PR and tech units is key to success

They may approach it from different perspectives, but PR and tech teams ultimately work toward the same goal: building customer-centric organizations. Too often though, the teams do not work together. It's time for that to change.

There are opportunities on both sides to bridge the divide. PR teams increase their productivity when they use the right technical solutions. Plus, they're able to better meet stakeholder expectations. Tech teams, by understanding PR's needs and working with the correct vendors, free up some time and look like heroes to the PR team - and the company.

For example: PR teams approach new tech, such as a newsroom with a built-in content management system, from a needs-based perspective. Organizations know stakeholders need a central place to find company news. Thanks to their newsroom CMS integration, breaking news posts automatically. And because of the tool's user-friendly interface, if there's a time-sensitive announcement, the PR team can quickly make the update without reliance on IT.

Missed opportunities occur when decisions to purchase solutions like these are made in silos. With the wrong tool, news distribution through company channels won't be in-sync. For public companies, this could become a public disclosure issue. In addition, updates to the site may be posted late, reflecting negatively on the brand.

The PR side knows what information it wants and needs to access, but sometimes it also needs the tech team to help determine the best way to integrate it. In these instances, having a partner on the CTO side can prove valuable.

Additionally, tech teams can provide helpful insights on how to integrate plans and implement tools. Simultaneously, CTOs should turn to PR partners to understand long-term goals and how tech can tie back into overall strategy.

Both sides must take the other's needs into consideration, then work together to find the best way to integrate the tools. Urgency is key when making decisions to move business forward. Partnership is important; expedience is invaluable. Bridging the communications and collaboration gap not only helps both sides succeed, but also contributes to more customer-centric organizations that advance brand perception and achieve better business results.

Kurt Heinemann is CMO at Marketwired.

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