Monitor coverage efficiently with MediaMiser

MediaMiser provides software that allows users to collect, analyze, and share traditional and digital media content.

Monitor coverage efficiently with MediaMiser


MediaMiser provides monitoring and analysis software that allows users to quickly collect, analyze, and share relevant social, traditional, and digital media content. The analytics capability covers sentiment, share of voice, top regions, and more.

Enterprise pricing starts at $1,200 per month. A team version for up to three users, up to 100,000 results, and up to 25 social media topics is $895 per month.
Anick Losier, media relations director for Canada Post, has been using MediaMiser for more than seven years (four years at Canada Post and more than three years at her previous job). 
How do you use it?
We use it for searching, reporting, archiving, and tracking every media interview that Canada Post has given. We also use it for performance management.
Once you log on to your dashboard, you can upload or add documents, search archives, create profiles to track specific issues, track tonality of media coverage, access a database of media that have been interested in Canada Post in the past, and more.
When you upload documents and interviews it automatically creates a database of contact information for reporters. 
If there's a problem, I usually call my account representative. MediaMiser is incredibly responsive to clients' needs. Most issues are resolved in less than an hour.

How does it serve your business needs?
Canada Post is one of the largest employers in the country, and we have a quasi-public service mandate so we're under a lot of scrutiny.  Media coverage is a barometer of perception. With MediaMiser, we can get the temperature on perception of Canada Post in a few clicks of a button. To be able to offer our executives clarity on perception within three or four clicks is outstanding. 
Much like the United States Post Office, Canada Post is adapting to people not sending many letters these days. In April 2013 we launched a major study about how we can change. Every day we needed a report of the media coverage and how our messaging played. Using MediaMiser I was able to produce that report by 10am every morning. 
We have multiple lines of business at Canada Post, and we often do proactive initiatives. In September 2013 we launched a pilot with four big retailers for our same day delivery service. It was a huge pilot for us, and the day after launch I was able to produce a report for executives in less than one hour that showed the type of coverage we got, its tone, reach, and more.
We run coverage reports any time we do an initiative. You can really customize the platform to what you need to report on.
We use it to archive all of our media coverage since 2009, and more than 25,000 stories are written about us each year.
You can also use it to mine data to help you understand the work you're doing, the work you need to be doing, and to inform executives. For example, I can easily see that 43% of all coverage about Canada Post was negative in 2010 whereas only 9% of all coverage was negative in 2011. This tells me that the work we did in that year had a positive impact. 
To help ensure message consistency, I wanted to be able to track all interviews that people at Canada Post give and share the positioning articulated in those interviews with other people internally who might need it. MediaMiser built a template for me to do that so now we have a bank of messaging and positioning.
Whenever anyone at Canada Post finishes a media interview, they fill out a form detailing who they talked to, describing the issue they talked about, and more. This can then be emailed automatically to an internal group of people who need to follow positioning around numerous topics.
These interview logs are also in a database with links to resulting coverage that we can mine and that we can access when we do media interviews. It's searchable by specific issues, such as mail delivery in rural Canada.
How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It's Web-based. There's also a mobile version that currently only provides media briefs.
What are the main benefits?
The ability to create a centralized system for our media relations team that enables us to do our job from anywhere, keep messaging consistent, monitor issues in timely manager, and provide reports to executives in the click of a few buttons.
It's really a data-mining jewel because it provides so much intelligence on media coverage.
It provides ample functionality. It has every tool you need from archiving to reporting to logging interviews to tracking issues and keeping a database of reporters. Honestly, I still haven't maximized everything I can do with MediaMiser because there's just so much you can do. 
The platform is easy to use and user friendly and the customer service is impeccable.
What are the main drawbacks?
The platform is so flexible that there are really no drawbacks.   
What would you like to see improved/added?
Right now I don't see anything that I could add to make it better. A couple of years ago I requested the media interview template, and MediaMiser created it for us. 

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