I want to return to my prior employer after only a few months at another job. What do I do?

It's always a leap of faith when you make a move professionally.

It's always a leap of faith when you make a move professionally. Even after the most careful consideration, with all questions asked and answered, you may arrive at a new job and find it does not live up to its promise. It's always hard to settle into a new culture and work style.

You should first try and assess why you are unhappy. Write down a list of things you are currently experiencing, both positive and negative. Then take a look at the opportunities in your current role you have not taken advantage of to this point. If your current firm offers training or mentoring, try to avail yourself of those opportunities before deciding to leave.

If after all consideration, you decide it really is not for you, contact your prior manager and ask for a lunch date, during which you can ask about possible opportunities for you to return. Be prepared to discuss in detail why you left in the first place and why you want to return.

Cathleen Graham is the global head of HR and recruiting at Ruder Finn.

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