Expert Q&A: Ari Newman, president and founder of Filtrbox

Ari Newman, president and founder of Filtrbox, answers questions about the company's new G2 product, measurement in a troubled economy, and why investors will find Filtrbox useful to their research efforts.

PRWeek: What are some of the new features of G2 that wasn't available on previous versions?

Ari Newman: One of the most substantial changes is that G2 not only offers unlimited use, but is sharable among your entire team at a much lower cost than the previous version and delivers the right volume of information with FiltrRank.  

From within the dashboard, you can now tweet any article in your account. Scroll over an article and you'll see the new “Tweet this” link on the action bar, giving users the ability to share articles found in Filtrbox with the Twitter community.

Filtrbox also includes continuous content updates, a data export function, and other features.

PRWeek: PRWeek recently hosted a Webcast called "Measurement in an uncertain economy." Do you have any tips for monitoring in an uncertain economy?

Newman: I agree with the premise that measuring and listening in an uncertain economy is perhaps even more important than when times are good. In uncertain times people seek out new and better tools to stay ahead of the game.

One suggestion is to not only monitor the brand, but also the keywords related to the industry, company, person, or product. Use varying combinations of the "must include" keywords in the searches to create contextual, but broad searches that will catch articles you would have otherwise missed.

Too often monitoring is a reactive process. Get aggressive and if you aren't seeing the conversation happen, create some content. Then use your monitoring tool to find additional places to engage and share your content.

And use a cost-effective service that does the discovery and trend analysis for you, but add your own perspective and opinion to assess what it all means. Become the expert, and use the tools to help you look like the smartest person in the room.

PRWeek: Filtrbox products are also marketed to investors. Why would an investor be interested in Filtrbox tools?

Newman: VCs can track their entire portfolio of investments and know firsthand what early adopters, customers, and competitors are saying. Investors have to do research before making funding decisions, and often are juggling numerous deals at one time. Filtrbox can be used as a due-diligence tool that sends new articles every time new mentions of a company or CEO appear. Using trend analysis, investors can see how often or how little their investments (or prospects) are being included in the conversation. Further, investors can monitor their own firms and partners for brand and reputation protection.

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