'WSJ' drives experts to LivePerson

Who is your client? What are its media goals?

Who is your client? What are its media goals?

Kim Newman: LivePerson is the leading provider of online customer service solutions for Fortune 500 companies. But... the company added a new division, an online marketplace for people to get expert advice through real-time chat. K2 was brought on this fall to drive national awareness and educate consumers about this side of [its] business.

What made The Wall Street Journal a good hit for them? How did you pitch editors and reporters there?

Newman: The Journal reaches the professionals LivePerson was looking to attract to become its experts, making it a great target. For months, K2 researched the best publication to pitch the story to, eventually settling on the technology editors at the Journal.  They assigned reporter Elizabeth Holmes to cover this new initiative in mid-January*. The angle for this piece was that in these tough economic times, becoming a LivePerson expert could be a great way for people with knowledge about specific categories to generate income from their home PC.

Did you media train LivePerson CEO Robert LoCascio? What other information did you provide to clinch this placement?

Newman: [LoCascio] is very good with the press. But K2 still sat down to... message train him... Additionally, we provided Holmes with background on LivePerson experts in a variety of categories.

What was the impact of the hit?

Newman: The front-page feature in the Personal Journal section had an immediate impact, as the number of expert applications... jumped from 200 to 800 in one day. It also led to a... radio interview that very day.

Name: Kim Newman, account manager at Krupp Kommunications (K2) (New York)

Placement: The Wall Street Journal, March 3

Pitch timeline: One month *

* CLARIFICATION: The sentence previously implied that the pitch process took months. Newman mistook the planning timeline for pitch timeline and thus misspoke when describing.


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