The Vera Wang pig

Put a dress on a pig and what do you have? Well, you have a pig. And, there’s a proliferation of pork in the post-digital...

Put a dress on a pig and what do you have? Well, you have a pig. And, there’s a proliferation of pork in the post-digital age.

Pizza Hut recently dolled up their pig, – opening a high-profile Twitter position. Not for an influence-savvy industry expert; but instead, for an outside intern, err, Twintern. Their ad, which states, “The successful applicant will speak fluent OMG and LOL ,” among other things, shows a lack of appreciation, and more likely, understanding, of Twitter as an influence platform. Pizza Hut’s efforts to be clever or hip aren’t playing well with those of us who take social media seriously.

Consumers expect brand engagement. They want to experience and participate in both the consumption and the creation of their media. We can no longer operate as only content-gatherers and aggregators of stories. We must extend our skills, to become content guerrillas, armed with nimble storytelling prowess, and a deep understanding of the nuance and power of influence to bring our clients’ objectives to life.

Our role requires us to search out and craft stories into compelling, multidimensional, multi-sensory narratives. Only then can we fully harness existing and emerging engagement methods to reach the right audiences. The right content, exposed the right way, in the right place, adds value to the conversation and to people’s lives.

We cannot just dress up the same old information, news, videos, and ideas and peddle it to audiences – they aren’t buying it. We owe them a new engagement paradigm – and a more authentic voice.

If you have a pig, that’s fine, but don’t put a dress on it. Give the dress to your daughter, sit down, and tell the pig’s story in a way that opens the door to engage with audiences through experiences and conversations that matter.

Jen Houston, SVP, global lead, WE Studio D, Waggener Edstrom

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