Habits: Johanna Schneider, executive director of external relations, Business Rountable

Johanna Schneider shares her morning ritual, favorite things to read, proudest career achievement, and more.

Habits: Johanna Schneider, executive director of external relations, Business Rountable

Morning ritual
Thick, strong, black Italian, Medaglia D'oro espresso. Turn on Morning Joe on MSNBC. Check my Google News Alerts, scan Washington Morning Update, a news aggregator for all top national US dailies and broadcast news. Check Alan Murray and David Wessel tweets. Drop off my youngest at school.

Required reading (print, blogs, etc.)
WSJ.com, Floyd Norris Blog at NYTimes.com, Politico.com, Fortune.com (to keep track of all my CEOs), PRWeek, wired.com/epicenter; Facebook, wsj.com/digits, Daily Beast.

First PR job
Assistant press secretary for Sen. Dave Durenberger (I-MN), who had just been elected to fill the term of Sen. Hubert Humphrey, who died while in office.

Proudest career achievement
Playing a pivotal role in launching the groundbreaking Women's Health Initiative, the largest clinical trial ever undertaken in the US, focusing on the major causes of death and disability in women.
Best career advice you've ever given
Work hard. There is no substitute for integrity. But it's not your boss who will be holding your hand in your final moments. Keep it in perspective.

Favorite city to travel to for business
Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Why those cities?
I think being in the Arab world and seeing another culture, yet one with very, very modern affectation, is fascinating.

Most distinct aspect of your personal office

Large mural of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. As an Illinoisan, this is near and dear to my heart and a breathtaking national monument.

Most regrettable career moment

Turning down a trip on Air Force One when I had the opportunity.

Person to call in a crisis
Mike O'Neill, SVP of corporate affairs and communications at American Express, or one of my former bosses, John Snow, former Treasury Secretary, or Ray LaHood, the current Transportation Secretary.

Dr. Bernadine Healy, former director of the National Institutes of Health, former president of the American Red Cross, White House science advisor, and author.

Ideal job, if not in PR

General manager of the New York Yankees. (The possibilities are endless).

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