Expert Q&A: Martin Murtland, MD of Dow Jones Solutions for Communications Professionals

Martin Murtland, MD of Dow Jones Solutions for Communications Professionals, answers questions about services trends, content management and the company's new media database.

Martin Murtland, MD of Dow Jones Solutions for Communications Professionals, talks to Erica Morris about services trends, content management and the company's new media database.

PRWeek: Your company recently launched the Dow Jones Media Relations Manager. What are some of the main features?

Murtland: The key thing is it's a news-enabled database, a management tool with many uses, with three key tools that are important to mention. It can help PR professionals pinpoint key influential journalists and bloggers based on words they're using. We're able to better target and understand what those journalists have written about, so our clients can engage those journalists in better, more engaging conversation. We can set up alerts to track when a journalist has written something about your business or client.

PRWeek: Are there any trends you've noticed in the media landscape regarding what types of services your clients are asking for?

Murtland: We have a large number of clients already that know us. What we're trying to do here is to provide solutions for PR professionals. From our point of view, this year we're seeing in the media relations area a definite need for this type of service, where customers want a way to gather news-generated content is an easy format. And we have received complaints from clients about not wanting to receive spam, and looking for a way to gather this information in an easier way. We've responded to that need.

PRWeek: How are you able to manage and distribute such a high volume of content for this database, and how is this tool different from other types of databases Dow Jones has created?

Murtland: We use a blend of technologically and people-driven organization. What we've done is invest in a media database that allows our customers to leverage the content quickly and more easily. [It] includes bios of journalists linked with articles they've written, topics and keywords they've written about, and their contact information, so our clients can pitch to those journalists that will be most appropriate for their subject matter.

PRWeek: How exactly can media databases help PR pros with their productivity level?

Murtland: What we found in our research is that people spend about three hours or more searching the Internet, bringing together information for an executive. Our aim is to decrease that from three hours to three clicks.

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