Habits: Margi Booth, president, M Booth & Associates

Margi Booth talks to 'PRWeek' about her morning ritual, first PR job, and proudest career achievement.

Habits: Margi Booth, president, M Booth & Associates
Morning ritual
I'm up every day at 5:35am to go jogging for an hour with a group of women friends I've been running with for the past 15 years. Check my blackberry and may answer some e-mails from clients and London before I go out. Always cruise the morning shows, but end up watching Morning Joe. Then it's usually off to a breakfast meeting of some kind.
Required reading
My Google reader – alerts of client news, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Gawker, Daily Candy, and miscellaneous blogs.
First PR job
I was an assistant in Ruder Finn's television/radio department. I helped book clients on TV talk shows. When it was slow, I was also the receptionist.

Proudest career achievement
Helping to nurture a group of fabulous pros who started as very young AEs and now make up the senior team at the agency, having all worked together over the past seven to 12 years.

Most regrettable career moment
My very first job was at Bantam Books where, as an editorial assistant, I often was asked to read unsolicited manuscripts. One of these was The Joy of Sex. I thought it was terribly written and said it would never sell. It became a bestseller. Oops, not destined to become an editor!
Best career advice you've ever given
I always tell young people right out of college that they should travel for a few months (or even a year) before they take their first job. If they do, they can know something about the world and how other people think and live.
Favorite city to travel to for business
I recently went to London and was reminded how much I love it – parks, culture, history. Lots to do if you have time.
Most distinct aspect of your personal office
A picture from early on in my career with a life-sized gingerbread cookie, which I was asked to book on a late-night talk show during Christmas season. The cookie was actually flown up first class and brought by limo to the studio. This picture serves as a reminder of the lengths we will often go to please our clients.

Ideal job, if not in PR
Chief of the London bureau of The New York Times; the producer of Morning Joe; owner of a wonderful sleepaway camp on the prettiest lake in Maine.

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