HP service is custom-made for fans of newspaper format

What: Tabbloid is a free Web service from HP that serves as an RSS-to-PDF custom newspaper generator.

What: Tabbloid is a free Web service from HP that serves as an RSS-to-PDF custom newspaper generator. Its users can see news content in a newspaper-like format, get e-mail digests with the latest news, and print out personalized publications.

Tabbloid, which was founded in 2009, quickly caught the eye of communications and marketing professionals who were looking for new ways to consume content.

How: Tabbloid works with set RSS feeds or can be used to pull search content into the newspaper-like format. Users can also mix several content providers into one Tabbloid version.

Chris Brogan, president of New Marketing Labs who tweeted about the service to his followers, says, "What's interesting about the application is you can set it up to get it delivered by e-mail."

"It's another way to consume content," he adds. "For example, the Baby Boomers may not be so interested in going to blogs every day, but they may not mind receiving an e-mail with a nicely formatted PDF. There is potential there."

Why: PR and communications professionals can use Tabbloid for several aspects of their jobs, including personally reading news to stay updated on industries and clients. PR professionals can also use Tabbloid to provide clips in a presentable format or print out the latest news in a specific category for clients.

Brogan says bloggers can use Tabbloid to showcase their content in a new way, for instance, as a physical printout for presentations or meetings. "It's a good way of creating new information," he adds.

Who: Holly Hosler, marketing coordinator at LifeBridge Health, first heard about Tabbloid from Brogan. She has since been testing it out personally, following The Baltimore Sun's health and wellness blog and seeing how the LifeBridge Health blogs look in a different format.

"I can keep up and find out what our local paper is writing about in terms of health topics," she explains. "And you get to decide what you want and how often. It's nice to have that option."

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