When it comes to health, she decides

Women make more than 80% of all health-related decisions for their families.

Women make more than 80% of all health-related decisions for their families.

That goes for which brand of children's cold medicine to choosing a health insurance plan. Globally, women control $28 billion in spending, representing a market that's twice as big as China and India combined.

Women also donate money, volunteer, and vote more than men, and they are twice as likely to pass along information.

That makes them the number one “get” for a foundation with a health program, a nonprofit working to prevent childhood obesity, or a company that sells organic soup.
But despite women's fiscal and political clout, many organizations and companies miss the mark when it comes to effectively communicating with them.
The economic downturn, matched with growing consciousness about well-being, has compelled many people – and women in particular – to rethink their health and its relationship to status and happiness.
For health-related organizations, this represents a huge opportunity to tap into women's aspiration for healthier lives, for themselves and their loved ones, as the catalyst for change.

There are four marketing principles that can help you effectively market your cause or product to so-called “Dr. Moms” and other women – whether you're working to change policy or encourage healthy habits.

Care: Reach her heart to inspire action

Connect: Connect women to each other to strengthen their commitment to you

Cultivate: Garner support by meeting all her concerns head-on

Control: Empower her to be a change agent in her own life and beyond

And, here are ten guidelines to consider:

1.     Put her in the driver's seat
2.     Show her results
3.     Build her trust
4.     Parachute into her reality
5.     Trigger her empathy
6.     Appeal to her tribe
7.     Connect her to your cause by connecting her with others
8.     Create a two-way channel for communications
9.     Use new media channels to reach her
10.   Make the medicine go down with humor

Lisa Witter is the chief strategy officer for Fenton Communications. 

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