The forces driving the future of media and PR

Five years ago the iPhone and the iPad didn't exist.

Five years ago the iPhone and the iPad didn't exist.

For many, dial-up meant a horrible screeching noise – remember? YouTube had just come on the scene. Tweet was a sound a bird made. Status updates were left on white boards in offices, not on Facebook. Instant messaging wasn't around to help us backchannel conversations during conference calls. And, journalism was doing okay.

A lot can change in five years.

For those in the PR industry, we're living through a seismic shift. What does this mean for our craft? How are you adapting personally, professionally, and as a business or not-for-profit? How are your clients thinking about what is likely to be an “innovator's dilemma” moment? Are you developing new services? Are you hiring more “digital natives?”

Bottom-line question: Are you fully engaged in a full or partial reinvention?

Here are the 13 driving forces we've identified that help answer the question: What is the future of media?

  1. Mobile is everywhere and actionability is instant.
  2. The Web is truly globalized.
  3. We're suffering from information overload (especially Baby Boomers).
  4. Data mining and algorithms result in personalization and filtering (making it harder to preach beyond the choir).
  5. We're experiencing cultural and political fragmentation by affiliation (can it get worse?).
  6. There has been a shift from a broadcast culture to a bi- or multi-directional culture.
  7. The end of journalism as we know it?
  8. We're witnessing a move from the written to visual (which may require us all to hire more designers).
  9. Convergence: print, video, audio, and interactive are all on one device.
  10. Micro-targeting online allows for deep segmentation and even larger demand for return on investment (which may require us all to hire more geeks).
  11. Transparency and democracy are a value now, but will they always be?
  12. Feedback is instant (which may mean we continue to sleep with our Blackberries).
  13. Authenticity, voice, and uniqueness is valued.

What driving forces do you see? Tweet them to me @lisamwitter.

Lisa Witter is the chief strategy officer for Fenton Communications. 

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