Habits: Roxana Lissa, president and founder, RLPR

RLPR's Roxana Lissa discusses her morning ritual and proudest career achievements

Habits: Roxana Lissa, president and founder, RLPR
Morning ritual
I check both my BlackBerry and Facebook. When my kids wake up, we play together and eat breakfast. I drink a caffeine bomb called “mate cocido” – a special yerba mate tea from Argentina. Mornings are about spending time with family and checking messages to plan for the day.

Required reading

Before I head to the office, CNN.com, LAtimes.com, and Clarin, my Argentine home paper. I also read PRWeek, Hispanic Market Weekly, and Hispanicad.com's news flashes. At work, I check out The Wall Street Journal's Marketplace section and, when I have a break, People.com (for my celebrity fix) and Politico.com.

First PR job
When I was 18, my university in Argentina selected me for a paid internship in a foundation program called “Argentina Youth.” Unfortunately, there were more applicants than jobs available. It was one reason I decided to come to the US.

Proudest career achievements
The opening of our New York office and sports group, Sportivo, in 2003; being featured on The Wall Street Journal's front page in 1998 on behalf of the California Milk Processor Board (creators of “Got Milk?”); and securing Nike as a client. I recall arriving at the Nike campus and saying to myself, “If I quit PR now, I am totally fulfilled!”

Best career advice you've ever given
Don't let efficiency get in the way of creativity. Efficient ideas are the easiest ones to come up with – push for creativity.

Favorite city to travel to for business
New York. The minute I land, I feel energized, happy, and ready to conquer the world.

Person to call in a crisis
My first boss in the US, Marty Cooper, owner of Cooper Communications in the San Fernando Valley. He is one of the most objective and experienced PR pros I know. When my office burned in a fire and I almost lost everything, he said, “A fire can take a lot of things, but not your ideas or passion.”

Most regrettable career moment
I was on a new business call with the marketing director of a company that sells “menudo,” a traditional Mexican soup. I had little time to do research, so when he asked me for creative ideas, I told him you can add your own ingredients and make “menudo” your own. “Obviously you don't know much about our products,” he said. We didn't get the project. I haven't been unprepared for a new business meeting since.

Ideal job, if not in PR
A songwriter or actress. Being able to write great, memorable songs is one of the best talents out there. I did several movies and plays in LA. In the early '90s, I played Diego Rivera's mistress in a Frida Kahlo play.

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