CEO Q&A: Bob Parsons, CEO, Go Daddy

Go Daddy founder and CEO Bob Parsons talks to Kimberly Maul about its Super Bowl ads, his video blog, and how comms supports the company

CEO Q&A: Bob Parsons, CEO, Go Daddy
What are Go Daddy's biggest business issues. How do PR and comms play a role?

There is a problem of un-awareness. Our deal is so much better than everybody else's, that if a customer knows about Go Daddy, we wind up doing the deal.

We combat that unawareness with an extensive advertising campaign and then do everything we can to make people aware. Every time somebody who has not been aware of Go Daddy learns about us through our PR efforts, then that's mission accomplished.

You have your own video blog. Why did you decide to go that route? What are your favorite topics to blog about?

It used to be a written blog, but when we went to video blogs, the number of hits, the viewership, was much bigger than the readership.

I like to share the things I know about making a business work for all the entrepreneurs and small businesses that come visit our website. Most people who are starting their own business are doing the best they can, but there's nobody there to show them the way. The whole objective of my video blog is to help those people out a little.

Go Daddy is known for its sometimes controversial ads, particularly during the Super Bowl. Where did you get the idea? Will it continue?

The strategy we adopted when we did our first Super Bowl ad and the reason we did an edgy spot was because we wanted to get people's attention during the Super Bowl when Go Daddy wasn't heard of. Our market share before we did the ad was 16%. After the ad, it was 25%. It was a hell of a victory for us.

If you ran that kind of ad during your first Super Bowl and had that kind of victory, when the next Super Bowl came around, would you do the same thing again? That's why we do what we do.

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