There are worse things to be than wrong

I love Carl Paladino. (Bet that grabs your attention, huh?) Let me explain.

I love Carl Paladino. (Bet that grabs your attention, huh?) Let me explain.
There is no way in hell I'm supporting this guy's campaign to be New York's next governor, but he sure is entertaining. The man has no filter. Of course, if I were his comms person – I assume he has one, right? – I might not have that opinion.
Paladino's recent gaffe – and I concede, by the time you read this, he very well might have trumped it – had him talking about how children should not be brainwashed into thinking homosexuality was acceptable. He went on to criticize his Democratic opponent, Andrew Cuomo, for marching with his daughters at New York City's gay pride parade.
Two days later, after widespread condemnation, he apologized.
His inflammatory original comments were bad enough, but at least Paladino had the support of the Orthodox rabbis in front of whom he made his speech. Well, he no longer possesses that, either. The rabbis deem his apology a betrayal.
I'm not even talking about right or wrong here. It's about taking a stand and not caving in at the first sign of resistance. Paladino's initial comments were underscored by his explanation that he held the same stance as the Catholic Church on homosexuality.
Fine. It's a belief many have and it's viable and defendable, even if I don't support it at all. Now, however, I have no idea what side of the fence he falls on. As someone running for high office, there is no worse position to be in.

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