South Florida-based hair-transplant surgeon improves his profile with 'Star' story

Dr. Larry Shapiro is one of the leading hair-transplant surgeons based in south Florida.


Tom Madden, CEO, TransMedia Group, Boca Raton, FL

Placement Star

October 18, 2010

Pitch timeline

Less than one week

Who is your client and what are his media goals?

Dr. Larry Shapiro is one of the leading hair-transplant surgeons based in south Florida. He is very well known locally, but turned to us to raise his profile across the US by securing placements in national news, lifestyle, and celebrity-driven outlets.

What made Star such a good target for your client? How did you pitch the editors at the magazine?

Star has a very strong national presence. Beyond that, however, our client was extremely interested in the magazine's celebrity health and beauty focus.

We worked with Dr. Shapiro to create the Hair IQ Score, which enables our client to assign a score to celebrities and other public figures based on the texture, health, body, shine, presentation, and color of their hair.

We knew it was a terrific news hook and we already had a relationship with the editors at the magazine, so we gave them first crack, sending them a press release that included the Hair IQ scores of several top celebrities.

Did you have to do any media training with Dr. Shapiro, set up interviews, or provide any additional information to clinch this placement?

We didn't. In this case, the initial release and the Hair IQ scores were more than enough. Star turned the story around within days, coming up with its own celebrity pictures to run alongside Dr. Shapiro's grades.

What was the hit's impact?

Hair IQ was featured in the "Star Mix" section at the front of the magazine. Immediately after the issue hit newsstands, Dr. Shapiro's phones and website started going haywire. He received requests for interviews from as far away as Australia, where a magazine requested his scores for a slate of celebrities they provided.

We then followed our initial outreach with a second release, providing the Hair IQ Score of high-profile politicians such as Christine O'Donnell, Andrew Cuomo, and Carl Paladino. This led to a story on Needless to say, the client is thrilled with our work. 

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