Verizon's iPhone timing is "just right," say PR pros

SAN FRANCISCO: Verizon's iPhone announcement was both inevitable and timely.

SAN FRANCISCO:  Verizon's iPhone announcement was both inevitable and timely.

“It was a pretty poorly kept secret,” said Lewis PR EVP Morgan McLintic.

Even so, it was a secret that generated loads of buzz and coverage for both Verizon and Apple. The world may have known the announcement was coming, but that didn't deflate media interest.

“The fact is they are getting plenty of coverage on it,” said McLintic.

By waiting to announce days after CES instead of at the event itself, Verizon avoided the noise and traffic of the event.

“It was smart to wait after CES,” said Shift Communications principal Todd Defren. “Most traditional PR types would have said let's hold this for CES and have one big announcement.”

PR pros acknowledged that Apple likely held all the cards on when Verizon could announce.  “I've always given Apple credit for the less is more approach. The less people say the more people hype it,” said Defren.

Yet, waiting too long to say something that many are expecting can create a backlash among consumers.

“It wouldn't have been positive for them to delay it any further,” said McLintic.

In the end, Defren said "they [Verizon] made the right call.”  

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