Febreze launches multimedia campaign

CINCINNATI: Febreze, a Procter & Gamble brand, has launched the new Breathe Happy campaign, featuring significant social media outreach and live events.

CINCINNATI: Febreze, a Procter & Gamble brand, has launched the new Breathe Happy campaign, featuring significant social media outreach and live events nationwide.

The initiative was developed after P&G discovered that consumers think air care is often a category of "broken promises," according to global research.

“Air fresheners don't deliver up to the hype that they claim,” said Jeff Pierce, manager of home care and external relations at P&G, “and we discovered a key consumer insight that came out of our research: consumers can close their eyes, but they can't do that with their nose.”

P&G activated the Breathe Happy campaign to address this issue by having customers experience fresh air firsthand. With the help of MSLGroup, which has been working with P&G for 33 years, and the digital agency Possible Worldwide, the movement kicked off on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

“What's been unique about this approach is that we actually launched in the social space first before traditional broadcasts, and that's new for Febreze and new for P&G,” Pierce explained. “The priority there is that we want to be where our consumers are and where our consumers are most engaging with content.”

Febreze is also interacting with consumers at live events. At the end of July, the company will be at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, CA, where it will be setting up areas for people to have a “breathe happy” moment. The company will also appear at the BlogHer 2011 Conference in San Diego, CA, in August, where it will unveil a teenage boy's room that has been deodorized with Febreze. BlogHer participants will be bale to enter the room with blindfolds and explain what they smell.

The reactions of the volunteers will be filmed so they can post the experience on their blogs and tell their readers about the campaign. P&G will also be giving demo kits to bloggers so they can recreate the experiments and share their thoughts on their blogs.

“We think it's a well-rounded, holistic campaign with a lot of terrific opportunities for engagement,” said Caryn Carmer, MSL's consumer practice director. “Febreze has a very devoted community of loyal fans, and I think that by giving them access to something first it helps the followers feel more in touch with Febreze and feel like a part of this movement.”

P&G has also worked with the advertising agency Grey Group to create social experiments in Los Angeles and New York where voluntary participants are blindfolded and tested on how Febreze air fresheners stand up against harsh odors. During the tests, participants are handed items, such as old sneakers or sweaty gym clothes, and asked what they smell, drawing authentic responses from real people.

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